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  • From: Sue Stahlecker <suestahl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haywire-robotics@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 21:34:16 -0600

Hello Everyone!!

We still have some openings for the Robotics Summer Camp July 11-15.  Please
talk it up to your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, church family, or even
random strangers in the grocery store :0)  We have brochures available at
both local libraries—let me know if you notice that we have run out. If you
need some personally, let me know *OR* you can refer potential campers to
the email:  RSC1569@xxxxxxxxxx We will need as many team members that are
available to help with the camp.  It is our major fund raiser for the year.
We will be meeting for several days the week before (times and days TBA) to
do our final planning.
               Some of you have expressed interest in doing parades, booths
at festivals, finding sponsors through presentations, etc.  Your enthusiasm
is very much appreciated!!  The coaches have met to determine the
priorities/ goals for the summer. Due to many different reasons, our
activities as a team will be limited this summer. If some opportunities do
arise that we are able to participate in, I will send out an email looking
for volunteers from the team.  We would appreciate if you would send us any
of your ideas or suggestions for fundraising, team sponsorship, or ideas for
next year.   *(Parents – we welcome your ideas also!)*   It would be best to
email me privately—posting it to the list serve gets annoying for everyone.

              Please be aware that as a team, all of the activities that we
participate in must be approved by the coaches as a whole.  This includes
giving presentations to potential sponsors. It is not okay for a group of
students to give a presentation without prior approval. We have a running
list of potential donors/sponsors that have either been recently contacted
or we are in the process of contacting. We are trying to portray a
professional, united image and need to work together as a team. First and
foremost, the school district has certain rules / restrictions /
requirements that we must abide by.

Mrs. S

Questions, concerns, comments?


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