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            I hope you are hoping for the former (real use) below and not
the latter (a whim).





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Dear Friends,


                 Another week in retailing has passed and I am pleased to
report the sale of a Hasselblad 500C/M to a budding photography student.
Whether she can make any real use of it or whether it is a whim is food for
speculation, but I am hoping for the latter. It is a lay-by purchase so if
there is effort and pain in the acquisitio this may spill forward into
effort and achievement in the use of the camera.


                I must say I was surprised at the resale price considering
the buy-in price for second hand but then I am one of the overheads these
days and I suppose I must welcome any profit that can eventually be
channelled to wages. And at least we know that the apparatus is working well
and is as expected. I am slowly working my way through equipment cabinets
with the soul of an ancient prophet - trying the souls of the cameras to see
if they are pure. The failed pieces are going to the workshop as I find
them. I refuse to be stuck with a dud while trying to sell it to a customer.
I don't mind looking like a fool but I want to be wearing the special
costume for that....


                The retail trade is a constant surprise - as constant a
surprise as professional health practice was, but in different ways. People
can be alternately so mean and so generous - and so blind to the way they
appear when presenting as a customer. I know that people want to pay less,
or least for items, and I know the management wants a full,fat recommended
retail price for the transaction....but really - do people think they are
going to do business with " Whu chur bess price onna FlapoflexXD450, I can
get it from Singapore and  where do you put the batteries?"  Where


                Funny on the phone, but funnier when presented over a
counter dressed in thongs and a holey tee-shirt. The mullet hairdo is also a
treat. If you can accompany it with a wife snarling that it is all a rip-off
it becomes existential theater. Theater in the pear-shape, for the most


                And that is my quota of ....used up for the week. I am happy
to announce the personal purchase of an 80mm Planar F and a 150mm Sonnar F
from a fine man in Maine so there is going to be peace and elegance and fine
focussing in weeks to come.


                 Uncle Dick

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