[HUG ] Re: It's a sad Hasselblad day........

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 09:46:12 -0800

I am not sure that anything Hasselblad film is selling too well these days,
except at stupidly cheap prices..


OTOH, I might be persuaded to buy your Planar 100...?


Frank Filippone



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I am selling all this on eBay.
Do you think $3,500 is too much to ask?

Complete Hasselblad Medium Format system

Includes Mint Late version 500CM Body equipped with Fold-out late model
rapid-wind crank and Hasselblads special grid pattern Accute-Matte High
Visabilty focusing screen for easy focus in low-light conditions.

TWO Hasselblad A-12 120 Backs

*       ONE Hasselblad Zeiss T* 50mm CF F4 FLE Lens 
*       ONE Hasselblad Zeiss T*80mm CF F2.8 Planar Lens 
*       ONE Hasselblad Zeiss T* 100mm  CF F3.5 Planar Lens
*       ONE Hasselblad Zeiss T*150mm CF F4 Sonnar Lens

All Lenses are in superb condition and come with front and rear caps

ONE Very rare Hasselblad metal 45 degree finder 100 made to fit with a
polaroid 100 back attached.  MINT

 ONE Hasselblad magnifying finder with adjustable diopter and eyecup.

 ONE Hasselblad folding hood with magnifyer. Late model.

ONE Hasselblad folding adjustable Compenium  lens Hood.

ONE Hasselblad 21mm and ONE 55mm Extension tubes.

ONE Hasselblad hand grip with release trigger.

ONE Hasselblad slide-on bubble-level.

ONE Hasselblad Softar filter.

ONE Hasselblad Lenshood for 80mm Planar Lens.

ONE Hasselblad Lenshood for 100-200mm Hasselblad lenses

ONE Hasselblad quick release tripod mount.


Most is in Mint Mint- condition...

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