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Here in the Albuquerque area there is a shop, Carl's Darkroom, that carries 
both Kodak and Fuji films.  If they are out of stock, not too often, Gail can 
order what ever you need.  She keeps 35mm, 120 and 4x5 in the frig all the 
time.  Also, the lab processes E-6 daily and C-41 twice a week.
Here's the link:  www.carlsdarkroom.com
If you don't see what you want online I would suggest an email to them.

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I have the same problem in Visalia and Fresno Ca., I can only get kodak 160. 
I'm going to have to find something online. As I have stated before on the 
list, developing the film and getting pctures processed takes almost a week. It 
is also hard to find someone who optically developes the prints, most scan and 
digitally print them. 

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