[hashcash] libfastmint update 20040619

  • From: Jonathan Morton <chromi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hashcash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 22:36:22 +0100

Here, finally, is a version of libfastmint that incorporates the work-reduction techniques we discussed earlier. It also builds on MacOS Carbon/Classic, which it didn't before. Performance should be up by about 10-15% on all minter cores, usually in the upper end of that range.

I can now get 3-million per second on my 667MHz 7450, and 3.6-million on an Athlon-XP 2500+ (slightly faster than the 1600MHz model I was using before). If I overclocked to slightly over 2GHz, I would break 4 million with that machine.

There's also an "ultracompact" ANSI minter which I hoped would be more efficient on small-cache CPUs like the M68K series, but it seems that my "old Mac" compiler produces horridly inefficient code whatever I try, and I rather doubt GCC (which would doubtless produce better code) can be coaxed into producing a Classic executable.

At some point I will have to write an assembler routine to do the work on 68K, as that's where a lot of low-end e-mail users will need it most. I don't plan to do this immediately, though.


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