[hashcash] hashcash-sendmail breaks up long stamps@@sig

  • From: Andreas Mattheiss <please.post@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hashcash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 23:30:00 +0200


hashcash-sendmail appears to struggle with long stamps.

When i issue

hashcash -m -b20 -r andreas.mattheiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I get 

hashcash stamp: 

(The xxx are not what was used for minting the stamp) 

So far so good. If I have hashcash-sendmail do that for me, I check the

Tue Jun 28 22:11:09 2011 hashcash-sendmail[6304]: made token X-Hashcash:

This displays awkward here; in fact there are two spaces after the group
"0000000000000" and "0000000000000000000000005QGb" in the logfile; maybe
you want to try it with a slightly longish email adress and
check the logfile yourself. At least it displays like that, and there must
be something amiss, since procmail gets back to me with

------ pipe to |/overspill/sekundaer/bin/procmail /home/andreas/.procmailrc
       generated by andreas@localhost ------                               

examining stamp:
skipped: stamp invalid
rejected: no valid stamps found
check: failed
Asking hashcash-sendmail for invoking hashcash with -Z 1 appears to solve
the problem; there are no spaces in the thus generated stamp in the
logfile and the procmail-recepie checks ok, but the overall length of
the stamp is uncomfortably close to where the break used to occur.

Can someone please have a look as to what may be going on there;
unfortunately I am not a perler.


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