[hashcash] Re: 300Mhz amd k6-2

  • From: "Eric S. Johansson" <esj@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hashcash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 20:40:26 -0400

Jonathan Morton wrote:

It's actually almost amusing - of all the CPU architectures I've read the documentation on this week, only the Intel machines seem to be decoder-starved. Everything else is capable of saturating the integer and load-store units using ordinary instructions, sometimes several times over. And that includes the old 68040, another CISC design.

heh this discussion make me wish I still had my old kim-1 (1-mhz 6502) for a trial.

by the way, if anyone is interested, camram 0.3.4 is looking really good. I need to finish up the installer and installation instructions. It can be placed either in front of a mail server (i.e. e-mail stream interception) or within a mail server through procmail. Full capabilities both processing and sending stamps. last thing to check out is to make sure postage to notifications and responses work.

I will be publishing an address here and on the camram list and ask for people to see where the browser based stamp generation fails.


-- eric

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