[hashcash] 0.4.12 is alive

  • From: "Eric S. Johansson" <esj@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 19:20:38 -0500

for reasons completely outside of my control, the camram web site and mailing list have been "helped". While I'm waiting for the right things to happen, I made some updates to camram and have called them 0.4.12

you can find that usual suspects (as well as a significant chunk of history) at http://harvee.org/download/

as usual, raging_dormouse will grab all the right pieces for you and put them in the right places with the right permissions etc. etc. if you need documentation, ask and I shall make it available. Double points for telling me where I screwed up in the documentation.

the primary new feature is a feedback mechanism which definite works server side and has a possibility of working client side. The way it works is given a specified mailbox (maildir or mbox. Others available on request) is considered full of spam. the contents of the mailbox is harvested, sent by XML IPC to a specified server and is used to train system for better recognition.

on a mailbox machine, to this technique can be used with a single person or all persons. Now, this technique also has promise client side because many e-mail clients use standard formats to hold e-mail messages and therefore are amenable to the same technique of harvest and remote delivery.

it would have been nice to hack on Thunderbird to implement a button to do the move from the current folder to the spam mailbox where could be harvested but, I'm trying other finish other projects right now.

help wanted:

1) make a version of camram that runs on devil Linux, fit the whole package on a business card CD-ROM, use usb flash to hold configuration data for users etc. The goal is to make an interception filter (Spam firewall) that is trivial easy to set up and run. I want to model this on IPCop which is a firewall you can set up and have operational within fifteen minutes. Adding moderately complex configurations takes another 20 minutes. I want to do the same for spam barriers.

2) implemented differential pricing model where one can increase the inbound e-mail stamp requirements based on the spamminess of the source address. At a certain threshold, stop accepting e-mail from that address unless it has a big stamp, really big stamp. Reason for this model is that it gives you the benefits of black holes without the negatives. I'm thinking of calling it brown listing.



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