[harg] CORRECTED - HARG Bulletin #2 - 08/20/07 - Hurricane Dean Update and Ha rdee ARES Status

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HARG Bulletin #2 (Corrected) - 08/20/07
From the Hardee Amateur Radio Group, Wauchula, FL
To All HARG Members and Associates:

The track of Hurricane Dean has not changed significantly since the last HARG 
bulletin on Saturday.  Hurricane Dean is on a more westerly track towards 
Mexico and not southern Texas as was thought late last week.  The 1100 EDT 
Advisory was just dissiminated by the National Hurricane Center as of a few 
minutes ago.  NHC is still forecasting Hurricane Dean to continue its westward 
track come ashore in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico early tomorrow morning, 
then reenter the Gulf of Mexico and arrive at the eastern coast of mainland 
Mexico, sometime on Wednesday afternoon.  Rapid dissipation is expected after 
landfall on mainland Mexico.  

The High Pressure Ridge in the Atlantic has continued to expand over the 
weekend over the Florida Peninsula and into the Gulf of Mexico.  This high 
pressure is expected to stay in place for most of this week.  As a result the 
probability of Hurricane Dean ever reaching here has been less over the weekend 
and is now very unlikely.  
Unless conditions drastically, there will be no Hardee County ARES activation 
for this event or is one anticipated.  This will be the last HARG bulletin for 
Hurricane Dean unless events change significantly.  Continue to monitor your 
local news outlets or you may go the NHC website at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov and 
get the latest advisories, forecast discussions, graphics, and satellite 
Do not forget also to check the Tropical Weather Outlook at:
http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATWOAT+shtml/200909.shtml.  The Tropical 
Weather Outlook is posted four times daily at the NHC Website. 
Darrell Davis KT4WX
President - Hardee Amateur Radio Group
Emergency Coordinator - Hardee County ARES  

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