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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 13:51:20 +0200

Fascinating thing about those political sites out there is that when you start getting too close to the truth, it gets censored.
Surprisingly this was censored on a Ron Paul site discussing the FED.
Perhaps its just too much to handle... you be the judge.


I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says, but I like him.

I think he would have made a great president, would have been nice to see a 'real' USA president.

Would be pleasing if this world had at least one president that wasn't a useless lying sack of cerebral feces.

Before I die, I'd like to see democracy work at least once.

Private FEDs are evil, but I don't think we will ever get away from central banks or fiat money, and the only question is who should control them, and that's a much larger question when it's a global reserve currency.

It's a fallacy that one cant have inflation on a gold standard, money is just a token and too much token, means inflation, even if there is a gold bar in the bank.

The only reason one backs money with value is to get other people to use it, which might well become a problem later for the dollar if this mismanaged token continues on the path its going.

The real problem with FED, is the PRIVATE in it, and an equally disturbing attribute is when it's got UN-AMERICAN written all over it, and although I disagree with its elimination, the USA has to correct the other attributes.

All the qualifications flying around here are most impressive, Ron Paul is clearly a magnet for the right stuff, but I want to get you all thinking in another groove.

GreenSPAM had an army of PhD's working for him, so lets assume they not getting it wrong, lets assume they know exactly what they doing, and then ask the question, why are they doing it? You'll start to see the horrifying truth.

For example if I was running your FED, and I wanted to buy the world, I'd borrow 20 trillion, and buy the billion dollar hotels in Dubai, the insurance companies in China, the oil companies in Russia, and then I borrow another 20 trillion and lend it at twice the rate I was paying, to someone else. like um, lets see, ah yes, the housing market.

I'd change the law and make interest rates low to do it as well.

It's just a gearing pump, and because I own your FED, there is not a damn thing the USA can do about it.

The housing bubble was not a mistake.

Now why would GreenSPAM do that, why would he sell the USA?

Here's a clue, go back and look at WWII, they did it (1940) then as well, pure coincidence, maybe!

Now another little similarity, WWII changed the Global currency from the Pound to the Dollar, now lets see, gee yes, they made the Euro in 2000, and it maybe a huge coincidence but 911 was 2001.

No, I must be imagining this, has anything like this happened before, hell yes, FED was given away in 1913, WWI started 1914. wow!

No, it can't be, could they actually be copying the WWII model, well let's really start using some imagination.

What happens if we replace Fema Death Camp with Nazi Concentration Camp. holy crap!

Don't want to burst your bubbles, but your economists don't know what the hell they talking about. you are Germany II

This is something I knocked up to try get this crazy world into focus for peace loving people.


(Please note a Nazi Jew is not a Normal Jew)

I think they know exactly what they doing, they selling and sacrificing the USA, so stop arguing and help Ron Paul, he is the only real American in congress.

This is the economics of war, madness that must be stopped.

A friendly South African ;)

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