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Courage Center Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for the week of 03 June 2009 

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Welcome to Handiham World!

Handiham History: Early membership certificate

Handiham History: Early membership certificate

Image: Early membership certificate for Handihams. Image scanned by N0SBU.

Quick: tell me what happened in 1967.

If you said, "that's when the Handiham System was started", you would be

Okay, so that is 42 years ago. A lot has happened to the Handiham System in
all that time. In other words, the program has a lot of history. There have
been amazing stories of handiham members who accomplished extraordinary
things in spite of many personal challenges. There have been outstanding
volunteers who gave thousands, even tens of thousands of hours in support of
the program. There have been dedicated and caring handiham staff members who
devoted their lives to the program.

One thing there hasn't been is a compilation of handiham history, but we are
going to start chipping away at the edges of that problem.

It all started one day last week when George LaValle, N0SBU, asked me a
question about the Winter Hamfest that we used to have in Faribault,
Minnesota each December. Even though I had several of those hamfests to my
credit, I couldn't really remember all that much about it. One memory I do
have is that of myself and several volunteers loading an old Courage Center
bus with what seemed like tons and tons of donated electronic and amateur
radio equipment and then having to drive the bus through the sleet and snow
out of the Twin Cities and down Interstate 35 to Faribault, a small city in
southern Minnesota that was the home of the Winter Hamfest. We would arrive
late in the afternoon the day before the hamfest and stay at a hotel nearby.
That evening, we would have a pre-hamfest banquet at the restaurant next to
the hotel. The bus sat out in the parking lot in the sub-zero freezing
weather all night long. You can bet that that bus was hard to start and
stiff as a board early in the morning when we had to coax it back onto the
road for the bumpy, creaky, slow drive to the hall where we still needed to
set up all the tables and get things ready.

Fortunately, the hamfest was a popular one and many hams from around the
area showed up early in the morning to make quick work of unloading the bus
and distributing the gear onto the tables. The downside of all of this extra
help was that the equipment went this way and that way and seemed to end up
all over the place at random. Power supplies would not necessarily stay with
their rigs, so there was always some sorting out to do. Still, we were glad
to get the extra help and those who helped us set up the tables always liked
to get some idea of what goodies would be for sale once the doors opened up
for business. As with any hamfest, we also had a few outside vendors.

Believe me, a hamfest is difficult to put on. If it weren't for the
dedication of Handiham volunteers, we could never have pulled this off for
so many years.

Of course, like many other things that have happened over the years, the
Winter Hamfest is now history. It's part of a history that we really haven't
documented. Now, thanks to the volunteer efforts of George, N0SBU, we hope
to start sorting some of our history out. George and I made a trip to the
basement at Courage Center, where we ferreted out two big boxes of handiham
memorabilia. These include photos and Kodak slide carousels full of handiham
history. There is even a "logbook" made especially for a guest sign up at a
convention in Des Moines, Iowa from the 1980s. The cover is made of wood,
which makes it the most realistic "log" book that I have ever seen!

I hope you will keep watching the weekly e-letter and the handiham website
for more news and photos from handiham history.

Here is a special note from N0SBU:

Hello from N0SBU, George the Second Base Umpire of Hugo, Minnesota.

Pat has asked me to go through all of the old documents in storage and see
if I could put together a brief history of the Handiham hamfest auctions. I
went over to the office to see Pat and picked up two large boxes of
documents and pictures. I sorted it out on a table in my basement here at

Briefly, after the Handihams were associated with the Courage Center, they
had what were called "White Elephant Auctions". In what I have looked at, I
assume they were held at the Courage Center, as they refer as having them on
the "patio". These were fund-raisers to get money to buy equipment for the

Later it is noted that surplus equipment was sold at "Mid-West Amateur
Radio" until that place went out of business.

That is about all I have for now. In my spare time I will go through this
stuff in more detail and report back to you.

I remember going to the auctions in Faribault. Later they were at the
Courage Center for three years. After that, all equipment that couldn't go
to members directly went to the Amateur Radio Consignment Center to raise
money for the program.

Do any of our readers out there have any more detail about the years that
all of this took place? This is what I am looking for to add to our history.

Thanks and 73 from N0SBU, the Second Base Umpire of Hugo.

You can write to George care of wa0tda@xxxxxxxx if you want to add to the
Handiham history. Please put Handiham History in the subject line.

Patrick Tice, WA0TDA
Handiham Manager

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Avery's QTH: Imagining a net

Avery's QTH: Imagining a net

Image: Avery at the microphone of the Collins S-Line donated by K7UGA.

Welcome to my humble QTH. This is Avery, K0HLA, and I found myself thinking
about how a net should be run. Here I am, imagining I am Jerry, N0VOE, and
the net is the Handiham daily net:

"This is N0VOE net control for the Handiham net. My name is Jerry and I will
be taking check-ins one at a time. Please come with your call sign only. Do
we have any emergency traffic for the net?

"Do we have any announcements for the net?"

(At this time our net manager may have something to say or there may be
information on some event that Handihams or a member will be taking part in
such as the Dayton Hamvention booth that was just over or someone may wish
to let people know of some amateur radio event in their area if so they give
their call and wait for Jerry to recognize them. When Jerry recognizes you,
give your call then you can come back with your Amateur Radio related
announcements. When done you return the net back to Jerry. This will
continue on until all announcements have been made.)

"Not hearing any we will stand by for short timers, people who have to check
in and out very quickly for one reason or another. Maybe they only have a
1/2 hour lunch or maybe they are very close to their destination or maybe
the batteries on their HT are very low, etc."

"Okay! We will take check-ins with or without traffic from anywhere."

Several people will check in with their call and Jerry will come back to
them one at a time giving each a turn in proper order that he heard them.
After several people have checked into the net and conversation begins to
get old, in the break point in a conversation I key the mike and say "W0ZSW"
and then I wait until Jerry gives me permission to check into the net. It
may be right away or I may have to wait until some other traffic has been
taken care of.

Finally Jerry recognizes me and I key the mike and say, "Hello Jerry and
everyone on the net. This is Avery, K0HLA, at the mike. I have a very
special message from WA0TDA, Nancy, and myself. We want to wish you a Very
Happy Birthday; N0VOE from W0ZSW."

Jerry will come back with, "W0ZSW from N0VOE" and whatever he wants to say,
if anything, and then he will go on to the next check-in.
A little later in the net at a break point in a conversation someone says,
"recheck", and Jerry says, "Go ahead, recheck", and then that person gives
their call and asks the question, "Heard the birthday wishes Jerry, just how
many is that?"

Then they give Jerry's call followed by their own. Jerry would then give the
person's call and then his own and response to the question and then
continue on taking check-ins.

Okay! It is getting close to the end of the net, so there is one last chance
to check in: "Anyone wishing to check in please do so now. One last time,
anyone wishing to check in before we close down the net?"

"Okay! Thank you all for your participation in the net. This is N0VOE
returning the frequency/repeater back to normal operation."

(At this point you may want to mention the net meets every day at this time
- Monday through Saturday as well as Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM - and
everyone is welcome to check in.)

Hey! What do you know? That was a net done in a correct manner.

. No one just broke in at any old time to ask a question that had nothing to
do with what was going on during the net.
. Net control did not have to ask for call letters of someone just
interjecting comments at any old time in the net.
. Had someone needed to talk to someone about something not concerning the
others in the net, Jerry could have either asked them to wait until after
the net was over and the frequency was clear to continue or Jerry could have
asked them to go off frequency to another repeater or EchoLink node.
. The net could then continue on without any interruptions and yet the other
people concerned could get their information taken care of as well.

So, until next time
73 es DX de K0HLA Avery
You can reach me Monday & Wednesday until 1:30 PM at:
or email me at:

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Updated! Experts: Deep solar minimum

Updated! Experts: Deep solar minimum

Image: SOHO

NASA Science News for May 29, 2009 reports that an international panel of
experts has issued a new prediction for the solar cycle which takes into
account the surprisingly deep solar minimum of 2008-2009. Read today's story
to find out when they think solar maximum will return.



Check out the NASA Science News RSS feed at:

Update: Read the excellent story on ARRLweb:

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 <http://www.handiham.org/node/477> Events by N1YXU

 <http://www.handiham.org/node/477> Events by N1YXU

Yes, believe it or not, it's June again! And, that means Field Day
preparations are well underway. Be sure to listen for W4EZ running QRP from
North Carolina when you are operating at your local Field Day site or at
home. We will be a 9A operation. And, we would love to get you in our log.
Until next month..

- Laurie Meier, N1YXU


Read more at:  <http://www.handiham.org/node/477> 


Wednesday Evening EchoLink Net

Wednesday Evening EchoLink Net happy guy with headset

Please join us and check in or simply listen in, as you see fit:


Wednesday evenings at 19:30 hours Minnesota time (7:30 PM)
GMT: Thursday morning at 00:30 Z


145.450 MHz N0BVE repeater (Minneapolis-St. Paul) 
Node 89680 (EchoLink worldwide) 
IRLP node 9008 (Vancouver BC reflector) 
WIRES system number 1427

Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be a member, and the net is relaxed,
friendly, and informal. 

By the way, our Net Manager Howard, KE7KNN, reminds us that we need net
control stations for the Wednesday evening net and for the Monday through
Saturday morning net. If you are in the Twin Cities, all you need is a radio
that can get on the 145.45 N0BVE repeater, and if you live outside the RF
area, you can still be net control via EchoLink, IRLP, or WIRES. 


We are on Twitter!

We are on Twitter!

Look for us on Twitter by searching for "handiham". We invite you to follow

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This week at Headquarters:

.        The Friday audio lectures return this week. The Extra Class topic
will be vacuum tube amplifiers. Audio will be posted on Friday.

.        The remote base at Courage North was offline for a number of hours
last week due to a power outage. Once again, an osprey built her nest on the
power lines and the power company had to turn off the power. This time,
nature won out because the line was rerouted underground and mother osprey
was allowed to keep her nest in the power pole!

.        Minnesota Radio Camp application forms are online! The sooner we
hear from you, the better -- if you are planning to join us at this summer's
session. One of the summer camps that had been held at Courage North in
previous years has been canceled, which means that people who could not get
into that session may want to apply for the Radio Camp. Incidentally, you
can e-mail us with your ideas for projects and topics at the upcoming
Minnesota Radio Camp session. Thanks for all your ideas so far!

The waterfront at Lake George

Join us this August at Minnesota Radio Camp.

Download the camp application package, which contains information pages and
the forms you need to apply for camp. Camp starts on Sunday, August 16, and
finishes on Sunday, August 23. It's a week of extraordinary fun, during
which you can earn your ham radio license or just get on the air. And it can
cost as little as $240 for the week. There are two choices for formats,
either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. 

*       Download Word Forms <http://handiham.org/manuals/forms/mncamp/word/>

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Having trouble downloading or have questions about Radio Camp or Handihams?
Just email Pat, wa0tda@xxxxxxxx, anytime.


.        The Handiham website will be updated daily, usually multiple times
a day as news breaks.

*       In Operating Skills: 

*       The June issue of Worldradio digest audio has been completed for our
blind members by Bob, N1BLF, and is posted. 
*       Volunteer reader Ken Padgitt, W9MJY, reads the June "Doctor is in"
column from QST for our blind members.  
*       The June, 2009 issues of QST & CQ magazines are in audio digest for
our blind members.  
*       Login to the <http://handiham.org/user>  member section of the
Handiham website and find the magazine digests in the Library. The QST, CQ,
and Worldradio digests have been read by Bob Zeida, N1BLF. 

*       Tape deliveries are in the mail for June. Thanks to George, N0SBU,
and Avery, K0HLA, and to our readers, Ken Padgitt, W9MJY, and Bob Zeida,
N1BLF.  Don't forget to return those mailers so we can send July out as soon
as it's ready.
*       Stay in touch!  Be sure to send Nancy your change of address, phone
number changes, or email address changes so that we can continue to stay in
touch with you. You may either email Nancy at hamradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
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You will have several choices when you renew:

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*       Lifetime membership is $100.
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*       Discontinue your membership.

Please return your renewal form as soon as possible. 

Your support is critical! Please help. 

The Courage Handiham System depends on the support of people like you, who
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us provide services to people with disabilities. We would really appreciate
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Ask for a free DVD about the Handiham System. It's perfect for your club
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That's it for this week. 73 from all of us at the Courage Handiham System!

Manager, Courage Handi-ham System
Reach me by email at:  <mailto:patt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

*       Nancy, Handiham Secretary: hamradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
*       Jerry, N0VOE, Student Coordinator: hamradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
*       Avery, K0HLA, Educational Coordinator: avery.finn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
*       Pat, WA0TDA, Manager, patt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
*       Radio Camp email: radiocamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ARRL </p />
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ARRL is the premier organization supporting amateur radio worldwide. Please
contact Handihams for help joining the ARRL. We will be happy to help you
fill out the paperwork!

The weekly e-letter is a compilation of software tips, operating
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available to everyone free of charge. Please email wa0tda@xxxxxxxx for
changes of address, unsubscribes, etc. Include your old email address and
your new address.


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