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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for
the week of Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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Welcome to Handiham World.

We are at HamventionR this week!

Yes, it's time to make the annual pilgrimage to Dayton, OH and the biggest
Amateur Radio get-together in the world.  The Handiham booth will be in the
Silver Arena, not far from the meeting rooms.  When you head over to attend
a presentation, take a short detour to booth SA #330 and say hello to us.
If you have a service dog or use a wheelchair, no problem - we always place
our display at the back of the booth area to allow you plenty of room to
relax out of the aisles.  

View of Hamvention main arena

Pictured: A view of the main arena at the HARA facility.  Amateur Radio
manufacturers, publishers, and dealers fill this space with some amazing
goods and services - anything you might need to set up your station. Look at
all the antennas in this photo!  It's a good thing the arena has a really
high ceiling. 

I hope you will be attending HamventionR.  It's about making things... New
things.  If you can't make it to Dayton, you might want to tune in to the
W5KUB Helmetcam webcast <http://w5kub.com/> .

HamventionR is May 16 - 18, 2014. 

For Handiham World, I'm...

Patrick Tice, WA0TDA
Courage Kenny Handiham Coordinator



2014 Radio Camp (Saturday, August 16 through Saturday August 23, 2014)

The Equipment Program will be at Radio Camp.  Campers will be able to take
home equipment, provided that the Equipment Program has it available.
Campers should let us know what they need to get on the air. Categories of
equipment that can be made available for you to take home from camp are:

VHF/UHF radios

HF radios

Accessories like speakers and tuners

Morse code accessories

Other accessories - Please let me know what you need.


Practical Radio

pliers and wire

What is it?

It's time for another edition of "What is it?"  Last time we stumped some of
you with a photo and description of an audio "beam heading indicator", a
small Bud-style aluminum box with circuitry that produced a variable tone
when connected to a CDE-style rotor control box.  Today we have another
"mystery box" that looks a lot like the last one.  In fact, it is made in
exactly the same kind of Bud box.

Mystery box #2: Aluminum box with switch, control, and speaker holes.

Photo description:  This is an aluminum "Bud" box approximately 5" by 3" by
2".  Visible in this view are two controls mounted on one end, a toggle
switch and a rotary potentiometer shaft. On the top are five small speaker
holes and some mounting screws.

End view of box showing two SO-238 coax connectors.

Photo description:  In this view of one end of the box there are two SO-238
coax connectors.  These will accept two PL-259 plugs. 

View of box with cover off shows circuit board.

Photo description:  This is a view with the cover off.  A circuit board is
visible, along with the 9 VDC battery holder, a speaker, the inside view of
the switch and potentiometer, and the inside pins of the coax connectors.  

What is it?  Hint:  There are two coax connectors, and that usually means RF
going in and RF coming out!  

This is practical radio - Learn to look things over and figure them out! 


Handiham Nets are on the air daily. 


Summertime is a busy season for everyone, and that means our net control
volunteers as well.  If we cannot fill a net control position this summer,
please feel free to just start a roundtable conversation.  We are looking
for some help with the daily midday sessions and with the Thursday evening
Technology Net session.  Please contact Matt Arthur, KA0PQW, at his ARRL.net
address if you think you might be able to help. 

PICONET is an Upper Midwest regional HF net on 3.925 MHz Monday through
Saturday.  It has long been associated with Handihams and Handiham members,
so check in if you get a chance. Visit the PICONET website
<http://www.piconet3925.com>  for more details and net schedules.  With
summertime absorption starting to become a problem on the 75 meter band,
your best bet to check in will typically be around or shortly after 9:00 AM
CDT, when the net begins.   This net can be heard on the Handiham Remote
Base HF stations W0EQO and W0ZSW and by stations in Minnesota, SW Ontario,
SE Alberta, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, NW Illinois, and northern
Iowa. In the winter when the 75 meter band goes long, contacts across the
country are possible. 

Listen for the Handiham Wednesday evening net tonight and try to answer the
N6NFF trivia question during the first half hour.  Check in later just to
get in the log and say hello.  The trivia question answer is revealed
shortly after the first half hour.  If you are up to a challenge, see if you
can correctly answer this week's question.

We are scheduled to be on the air daily at 11:00 USA Central Time, plus
Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 19:00 USA Central Time.  A big THANK YOU to
all of our net control stations!  

We maintain our nets at 11:00 hours daily relative to Minnesota time.  Since
the nets remain true to Minnesota time, the difference between Minnesota
Daylight Saving time and GMT is -5 hours and the net is on the air at 16:00
hours GMT.   

The two evening sessions are at 00:00 GMT Thursday and Friday.  Here in
Minnesota that translates to 7:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday.  

The official and most current net news may be found at:


This week @ HQ

Cartoon robot with pencil

May Events Column is on line!

.         Laurie, N1YXU, has the May events ready for you to access on line.

Email has changed.

We have made changes in our email systems.  

Important!  Beginning May 9, our old email addresses that end in either
"courage.org" or "couragecenter.org" will no longer work.  Our new addresses
will be effective beginning on May 9, 2014.  The new addresses are:

.         Nancy.Meydell@xxxxxxxxxx

.         Patrick.Tice@xxxxxxxxxx

I'll be out of the office most of this week because I'll be at Dayton. 

Digests & Lectures

QCWA Digest for May 2014 and the Doctor column from QST are now available
for our blind members in the Members section.

The new Technician 2014 - 2018 Question Pool with only correct answers has
been read by Jim Perry, KJ3P.  Remember that this new pool is only for
testing on or after July 1, 2014.  

I have started a recording project for Operating Skills, based on the ARRL
book, "Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs" by K1RFD. The goal is to make
more information on VoIP available to our blind members.  

Jim Perry, KJ3P, Bob Zeida, N1BLF, and Ken Padgitt, W9MJY do the volunteer
digest recording.  Thanks, guys!

Secure, blind-friendly Handiham website login:  

.         We ask that you please log in securely if you are using any kind
of a public network or unsecured wireless.  

.         To the best of our knowledge, the Handiham website was not
compromised by the Heartbleed bug.

.         Test your own or other websites for Heartbleed at this website.

.         I also use a Chrome extension called Chromebleed to detect visited
sites that may be compromised.

Remote Base News

W0EQO station in the server room at Courage North.

Handiham Remote Base internet station W0ZSW is on line for your use 24/7.
W0EQO has an internet firewall issue.

*       If you use Skype for audio, please connect and disconnect the Skype
call to the remote base manually.  The automatic calling and hang up is no
longer supported in Skype. 
*       200 watt operation is restored on 160, 80, and 40 meters for Extra
and Advanced Class users on W0ZSW. 

.         Outages: Outages are reported on

Digital Cartridges now Stocked at Handiham HQ:

Nancy now has the NLS 4GB digital cartridges and mailers available at our
cost.  She says: 

We now have a supply of digital Talking Book cartridges and mailers
available for purchase for our Handiham members.  The total cost for a set
is $15.50.  We will download any digital study materials from the Members
Only section of our website onto your cartridge at no additional cost.
Minnesota residents please add $1.13 MN Sales Tax.  

Pat holding up NLS digital cartridge and mailer 

Want to log in instead?  Let's go:

Secure, blind-friendly Handiham website login: 


Stay in touch

Cartoon robot with cordless phone

Be sure to send Nancy your changes of address, phone number changes, or
email address changes so that we can continue to stay in touch with you. You
may either email Nancy at  <mailto:Nancy.Meydell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Nancy.Meydell@xxxxxxxxxx or call her at 612-775-2291. If you need to use the
toll-free number, call 1-866-426-3442.  

Nancy Meydell, Handiham Secretary: 612-775-2291 (General information about
the Handiham program, membership renewals)

Patrick Tice, WA0TDA: 612-775-2290 (Program Coordinator, technical
questions, remote base requests, questions about licensing)

Mornings Monday through Thursday are the best time to contact us. 

The Courage Kenny Handiham Program depends on the support of people like
you, who want to share the fun and friendship of ham radio with others.
Please help us provide services to people with disabilities. 

Call 1-866-426-3442 toll-free. -- Help us get new hams on the air.

Get the Handiham E-Letter by email every Wednesday, and stay up-to-date with
ham radio news. 

You may listen in audio to the E-Letter at
<http://handiham.org/audio/handiham.mp3> Handiham Weekly E-Letter in MP3
Email us to subscribe:

That's it for this week. 73 from all of us at the Courage Kenny Handihams!
Coordinator, Courage Kenny Handiham Program
Reach me by email at:
 <mailto:Patrick.Tice@xxxxxxxxxx> Patrick.Tice@xxxxxxxxxx

Nancy, Handiham Secretary:

 <http://handiham.org> Courage Kenny Handiham Program
3915 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, MN  55422

ARRL is the premier organization supporting Amateur Radio worldwide. Please
contact Handihams for help joining the ARRL. We will be happy to help you
fill out the paperwork!

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The weekly e-letter is a compilation of software tips, operating
information, and Handiham news. It is published on Wednesdays, and is
available to everyone free of charge. Please email
<mailto:handiham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Patrick.Tice@xxxxxxxxxx  for changes of
address, unsubscribes, etc. Include your old email address and your new

 <http://handiham.org> Return to Handiham.org


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