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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for
the week of Wednesday, 09 July 2014

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Welcome to Handiham World.

The IC-7200 goes to the rig hospital

Three IC-7200 radios stacked up at Dayton.

Yes, it was another casualty of the Field Day lightning strike here at the
WA0TDA station.  Between that and getting out of town for a long
Independence Day holiday, I haven't had a lot of time to get on the air.
Luckily I do have an IC-706M2G radio to use while the IC-7200 gets fixed,
but I'm probably going to be too busy to pick up the microphone anyway.  

That's summer for you!

Remember when I wrote about ham radio being a sedentary activity?  Well, I
heard from a few of you who recommended going portable and getting out in
the fine summer weather to put some serious steps on the pedometer while
still enjoying ham radio.  One recommendation was SOTA - Summits On The Air
- which involves hiking up a mountain and when you reach the top or at least
a good, high spot, deploying an HF antenna and operating with battery power,
usually QRP (low power).  One guy who does this very publically is WG0AT,
who has a YouTube channel where he's posted lots of really engaging video
about his SOTA adventures. <http://www.youtube.com/user/goathiker>   In case
you are wondering about the callsign, he does indeed make the climbs with
his two pack goats.  Steve even has a 10 meter beacon and invites us to
listen for it: 

"Listen for our GoatBarn 10m Beacon on 28,238.3 KHz."

.         Tip: If you want to find out which summits are on the air or are
going to be, check out SOTAWATCH.  <http://www.sotawatch.org/index.php> 

Of course there are other simple ways to stay on the air without spending
all of your time sitting at the main operating desk.  You can simply take a
handheld radio with you when you are out and about. My HT allows me to
listen to FM broadcast radio, so I am tuned to Minnesota Public Radio until
a call comes over the ham band, at which time the radio switches to the VHF
or UHF ham frequency I'm monitoring.  I can walk several miles, getting
healthy exercise, and still have ham radio with me.

.         Tip:  Check to see if your HT covers the FM broadcast band.  Being
able to get broadcasts is also a useful thing in an emergency. 

A variation is to make it about ham radio:  Pack along an HF station on a
hike, then set up portable at a campsite or any suitable location for a
little operating.  You'll need a rig that goes portable, a power source, an
antenna that can be easily deployed, and the tools to deploy it, such as a
portable antenna launcher to get the wire up into a nearby tree.  Always
scout the vicinity for electrical wires or other hazards.  You don't have to
climb a mountain or be anywhere near a mountain to simply have fun going HF
portable.  One of the members in my radio club makes a goal of putting
islands on the air by traveling by boat to islands in northern lakes.  

.         Tip:  Consider making yourself a neat little HF go-kit.  Not only
will it be fun to use when you go hiking, it make also prove valuable when
the power goes off or when you need to respond to an emergency with your
ARESR team.

Going mobile has long been popular among ham radio operators, but you don't
need a car to do it.  You can go mobile on a bicycle, too, or even maritime
mobile in a kayak.  Mobile operation of this type usually means QRP, and a
knowledge of CW sure won't hurt.  It's easier to be successful on QRP HF
with CW rather than SSB, and you will definitely learn to be a better
operator when using QRP no matter which mode you choose. 

.         Tip:  If you go portable or mobile, don't forget to pack an extra
battery for that HT!

.         Tip:  Secure your HT with a wrist or safety strap to avoid
dropping or losing it.  

.         Tip:  If you do go mobile - whether by car, boat, plane, bike, or
pogo stick - remember that your first job is always to watch where you're
going!  The radio is secondary to driving the car, flying the plane, riding
the bike, and so on.  Safety first!

It does seem like a waste of a nice day to sit in the basement ham shack,
doesn't it?

For Handiham World, I'm...

Patrick Tice, WA0TDA
Courage Kenny Handiham Coordinator



A good story

Avery, K0HLA, writes about an International Morse Code Story:

Now I have no way to prove this but I have been told it is true. Back around
WW 2 there was an electronics parts store just a couple miles from a U.S.
Military Base. One day this very beautiful young lady came into the store
with a very long list of parts to pick up. On one end of the parts counter
was a telegraph key and as people came in they would go over and send code
with it. Well, when the girl came in the guys would go over to the key and
send something then they would all start laughing. Of course they were
making the usual comments guys do about pretty girls only this was in code. 

Finally the order was filled and just as the girl was leaving she went over
to the key and sent in perfect Morse Code, "You should be more careful what
you say. I am the code instructor at the military base down the road." 

She then left taking her package of electronic parts with her. 

ARRL reminds us that the IARU HF Championship and WRTC-2014 events are on
the air this weekend:

This is definitely a weekend for Radiosport, with two major operating
events.  ARRL says, "This weekend, July 12-13, will present the sort of
operating opportunity that comes along only about as often as leap year -
the  <http://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-championship> IARU HF Championship and
World Radiosport Team Championship 2014 ( <http://www.wrtc2014.org/>

Read the entire story on ARRL.org.

Deadline is next week - 2014 Radio Camp (Saturday, August 16 through
Saturday August 23, 2014)

Deadline for Minnesota Radio Camp is approaching! If you have a camp
application and have not yet sent it in, please do so quickly so that we can
complete our planning for the camp session.  Those who still have
outstanding paperwork but are already on the camp roster should get the rest
of the forms in as soon as possible.  Colleen sends her greetings from
Courage North!  We look forward to seeing you at Camp Courage in Maple Lake,
Minnesota next month. If you are not a Handiham member and do not yet have a
camp application, please wait until next year.  We are basically full now,
but will still consider applications from Handiham members.  

Reminder: July 21 is the day for Part 97 changes: Get an expired license

This month will see some significant changes for those who hope to get back
long-expired ham licenses. ARRL reminds us that the FCC's recently announced
revisions to the Part 97 Amateur Radio rules governing exam credit to former
licensees, test administration, and emission types will go into effect on
Monday, July 21. 

Read the entire story on ARRL.org.

July Events by N1YXU

I'm sure many of you are recuperating from Field Day. I hope your event went
extremely well and that you enjoyed the weekend. Our club definitely did.
There are several activities that will likely attract your interest this
month from the World Cup championships to the 45th anniversary of the Apollo
11 landing to IARU HF World Championship. 

Be sure to take a look at the details.

Until next month..  

Regards, Laurie Meier, N1YXU n1yxu@xxxxxxxx


Practical Radio

pliers and wire

Practical radio has the week off.

This is practical radio - Kick back and get on the air - Hey, it's
summertime here, so sometimes taking a break is as practical as we are going
to get. 


Handiham Nets are on the air daily. 


Listen for the Handiham Wednesday evening net tonight and try to answer the
N6NFF trivia question during the first half hour.  Check in later just to
get in the log and say hello.  The trivia question answer is revealed
shortly after the first half hour.  If you are up to a challenge, see if you
can correctly answer this week's question.

We are scheduled to be on the air daily at 11:00 USA Central Time, plus
Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 19:00 USA Central Time.  A big THANK YOU to
all of our net control stations!  

We maintain our nets at 11:00 hours daily relative to Minnesota time.  Since
the nets remain true to Minnesota time, the difference between Minnesota
Daylight Saving time and GMT is -5 hours and the net is on the air at 16:00
hours GMT.   

The two evening sessions are at 00:00 GMT Thursday and Friday.  Here in
Minnesota that translates to 7:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday.  

The official and most current net news may be found at:


This week @ HQ

Cartoon robot with pencil

IRB station W0ZSW is back on the air. <http://handiham.org/remotebase/>
W0EQO remains restricted due to firewall issues. 

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July 2014 production news: 

QCWA Journal for July is available.  Check the Handiham and QCWA websites
for the latest. 

The July 2014 QST Daisy digest by Bob, N1BLF, is ready for our members to
play on their NLS or other DAISY players. Jim, KJ3P, has completed the June
2014 CQ digest this week for our blind members, and Ken W9MJY, has completed
the Doctor column recording. 

The new Technician 2014 - 2018 Question Pool with only correct answers has
been read by Jim Perry, KJ3P.  Remember that this new pool is for all
Technician Class testing on or after July 1, 2014.  

I will begin the new Technician Lecture Series after the Independence Day

We have some new recordings available this week. I have started a recording
project for Operating Skills, based on the ARRL book, "Internet Linking for
Radio Amateurs" by K1RFD. The goal is to make more information on VoIP
available to our blind members.  

Jim Perry, KJ3P, Bob Zeida, N1BLF, and Ken Padgitt, W9MJY do the volunteer
digest recording.  Thanks, guys!

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.         I also use a Chrome extension called Chromebleed to detect visited
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Remote Base News

W0EQO station in the server room at Courage North.

Handiham Remote Base internet station W0ZSW is on line for your use 24/7.
W0EQO has an internet firewall issue and can only be operated by
administrators at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

*       If you use Skype for audio, please connect and disconnect the Skype
call to the remote base manually.  The automatic calling and hang up is no
longer supported in Skype. 
*       200 watt operation is restored on 160, 80, and 40 meters for Extra
and Advanced Class users on W0ZSW. 

.         Outages: Outages are reported on

Digital Cartridges now Stocked at Handiham HQ:  We have contacted APH this
week for another order!

Nancy now has the NLS 4GB digital cartridges and mailers available at our
cost.  She says: 

We now have a supply of digital Talking Book cartridges and mailers
available for purchase for our Handiham members.  The total cost for a set
is $15.50.  We will download any digital study materials from the Members
Only section of our website onto your cartridge at no additional cost.
Minnesota residents please add $1.13 MN Sales Tax.  

Pat holding up NLS digital cartridge and mailer 

Want to log in instead?  Let's go:

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