[openbeos] Re: yourname@haiku-os.org

  • From: Michael Phipps <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 23:29:53 -0400

> Hi, Michael. I can appreciate your desire to reserve haiku-os.org email 

Hi! Good to hear from you again.

> addresses for team members, but I want to second the ... secondary motion to 
> make some kind of Haiku-related email service more generally available to the 
> nerd public, for a modest fee. This would have at least four benefits:
> 1. It would establish a steady, if smallish, revenue stream for the Haiku
> project;

> 2. It would help to consolidate "mindshare" among self-subscribers to the
> email service, since subscribers would come to identify more strongly with 
> the Haiku "brand" (i.e., they would become "members" of a sort);

> 3. It would serve as a useful propaganda mechanism, since Haiku-related
> email addresses would soon be circulating "in the wild"; I imagine that I'm 
> not alone when I say that my curiousity *regularly* leads me to replace all 
> characters up to and including the "@" symbol in an email address with "www." 
> in my browser address box, and then see where it takes me; so 
> "www.ihaiku.org" (or whatever) would need to point to "www.haiku-os.org";

> 4. It would allow me, personally (!), to enjoy all these benefits: I could
> make a cash contribution to the project, count myself with confidence a 
> "member" or "supporter", and effectively evangelize every time I use my new 
> (geek-prestigious) email address... :-)  These are all things that I would 
> like to do, and again I imagine that I'm not alone.

I am sure that a number of people would be interested.
> All this is not to argue that development resources should be diverted from 
> writing the OS itself to creating and administering a new email service, but 
> on the other hand if somebody has the time, skills, and inclination ... well, 
> it's a nice idea.

And this is the problem. Not that I would have Axeld or Marcus setting up the 
mail server. But that it would vastly divert from MY time. And I don't know 
that the "income" would be worth it. Especially since we would have to pay for 
the hosting; I doubt that our current web host would be too pleased about us 
running a service like that.
> But rather than using:
> somebody@xxxxxxxxxx
> which is reminiscent of the current Apple service, I would suggest using: 
> somebody@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> since that is reminiscent of the now-moribund BeMail service that many of us 
> missed out on by virtue of our late arrival on the scene...

Either one of those, I think, would work out OK. It's something that I will 
think about. I actually had something like this planned for much later on. 
Something in which many web services were made available at a low price. I was 
thinking of things like e-cards, email, web hosting, "X drive" space, etc. 
There are lots of web services possible. But it really requires a full time 
person to admin and build services, not to mention more of my time to manage 
it. But I think that is still somewhat in the future...
> Best wishes,
> Czeslaw

And to you, as well. I wanted to ask - I am sure that Ania was pretty bored 
with WalterCon in general, but did she share any thoughts? It would be great to 
get a woman's impression. I was really glad that she was there and I regret 
that I didn't have time to get to talk to her.


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