[openbeos] Re: walter / new name

  • From: Scott Mansfield <thephantom@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 22:32:05 -0800

Orinarilly I'd just flip the bozo bit on Sikosis and move on, but this is just too rich...

Sikosis wrote:

if openbeos is going to be called walter ... ill bailing.

"ill bailing" too, bad grammar and all, except I couldn't give much of a large rodent's posterior about a monniker -- I'm an engineer. The work is both interesting and challenging, and allows for growing one's software engineering skills. The unabashed possibility of honing one's career skills along the way, not to mention the warm fuzzy you'll get when OBOS finally goes Golden Master. All this is for free nonetheless!

I ask you, "Sikosis," just how much better does it get than this? Is a name that important in the long run when you're passionate about the proverbial cause? If OBOS were a paying position would you squawk as obnoxiously?

You get out what you put in. The more superficial the input, well ...

it's such a lame name.

So is "Sikosis." Ranked right up there with those that have adopted a trailing "Z" for use in the plural sense of common English grammar in place of "S".

For a healthy dose of perspective: "Sikosis" is something I'd associate with those dorks that put large noisy exhaust tips and "Powered by Honda" stickers all over their import cars -- nevermind that their cars are still 100 H.P. four cylinder wuss-wagons with loud exhaust, obnoxous audio systems, flashy paint, cheezy cladding, and not much else. An epithet involving a certain cereal grain and the male gender comes to mind...

How's that for perspective?

"Walter." It's a joke. Lighten up, man.

Or, to dumb it down a bit and paraphrase Steven the Dell Dork: "Dude, you're missin' a clue."

hell, it's not as though im even listed on your site as contributing anyway
... (i got sick of asking ppl to add my name. i can find better places to
spend my time and resources.)

My first response is "so long, and thanks for all the fish." But, since I'm not in a position within the OBOS project to make that kind of decision I'll simply add any future e-mails with your address as the sender to my junk filter. Bink, Gone! Buh-bye Sikosis!

Wot? Is it that important to you that you be so recognized for your contributions? I've been writing OBOS code for a little while now, admittedly a *very* short timespan with respects to the OBOS project as a whole. Do you see my name listed anywhere on the contributors list? No. Do I care about that? Fsck no! As long as I can make a difference doing what I love to do, and something IMHO I'm darned good at, for a worthy cause; that's all that matters to me. I suggest you re-evaluate your motives and priorities with respects to this, or any other open-source project, if seeing your name in the proverbial lights is that high on your priority list. It ain't about the personal glory dude, get over your hubris.

To this humble soul, the end result is far more important than self-aggrandizement and 31337-ness that may come with being directly involved with a really kewl project such as OBOS. The benefits of teamwork, comraderie, and developing new friendships along the way *FAR* outweigh any and all short-term gratification of association by popularity. In my 38 years on this ball of dirt I've learned that fame is definitely a fickle bedfellow; there are more important pursuits in life than short-term, immediate gratification of association.

also, the lack of updating the web site ... its still the plain old (dare i
say ugly) look that was suppose to be changed.

Erm... yeah, whatever <toggles the "Sikosis" bozo bit>. Do something about it then, like contributing your skills in this area instead if whining about it. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Scott "Sick of Whiners so Doing Some Serous Fish Slapping" Mansfield

With sincerest apologies to those that are sick of whiners in this list.

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