[openbeos] Re: task progression

  • From: Erik Jaesler <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 09:13:44 -0700

François Revol wrote:

Someone reported that the BMenu class wasn't assigned but someone was working on it anyway.
Should be corrected.

That *is* correct. The only people *assigned* interface kit team tasks are interface kit team members. The only people who are (or shortly will be, when I find time to do a cull) interface kit team members are those who have shown that they are reasonably consistent contributors who will take responsibility for the tasks they have been assigned.

This policy is similar to that employed by *many* open source projects, and I'm actually much more liberal about it than most projects are: once I've got a reasonable amount of code (one medium class worth, with unit tests, etc.) from someone, they become a team member in full standing with all the rights, responsibilities, and priviledges thereof. ;) Which is to say they can post to the mailing list and I get them full CVS access. Who knows how long you'd have to submit patches for Linux or one of the BSDs before you got CVS access; I'll wager it takes a *lot* more than I'm asking. =)

Having said that, I'm pretty confident that the individual currently working on the menuing stuff will soon be a full team member.

The site is not, however, being kept as up-to-date as everyone (including myself) would like: it's always a question of whether spending my limited time updating the site or writing some code would be more useful in moving the project forward. In an attempt to remedy the situation, I am currently looking for someone to help out with updating the site. It's the perfect opportunity to help out for someone who is not terribly technical, but motivated and available.


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