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  • From: Jonas Sundström <kirilla@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 22:39:47 +0100

<kevin.lawton@xxxxxx> trolled:
> I now need to learn Unicode, don't I. I'll have a google.
> So I guess the question now comes down to whether all
> the characters and all the accents used in all languages
> sort in the correct order in Unicode.

UNICODE is a character encoding system. You're not supposed to learn it any
more than you're supposed to learn how floating point works in ones and
zeros. There are multiple standards within unicode but IIRC the original was
16 bits. BeOS makes use of an intermediate standard called UTF8 where ASCII
characters remain single-byte, while characters not supported by ASCII are
represented by 3 bytes. This way you remain sort of compatible with ASCII.



Sorting is done differently in different languages/cultures. It's beyond the
scope of character encoding. Some languages, like chinese, can't be sorted
in the way we sort american/european languages. You can try all you want to
diminish the historical/current/future value/validity of non-"American"
languages, but it remains a fact that there are intelligent lifeforms
outside the US.

It's strange that while Americans seem to often cherish their ethnic
heritage (5% irish, 75% dutch, 20% chinese, ad absurdum) there's this idea
that the US of A is the be all end all. Apparently Europe is no longer en
vogue, now that we disagree on how to work for a better tomorrow.

BTW, what's with all the US flame trolling when you're on a British ISP?
Another brit in the lap of Uncle Sam? ;-]
Face it, you just got lucky. The US could have chosen German over English.

/Jonas Sundström.                         www.kirilla.com

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