[openbeos] self imposed 48 hour or more ban on the topic "openness"

  • From: "Michael S" <mikesum32@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 06:09:29 -0400

Waldemar Kornewald

"The general mailing list will from now on be used for our community and
non-development discussions."

Now that a few things have been worked out with distro guidelines,
developers mailing list, and paypal, it would be nice if we all took a break
from openness .

How about we wait 48 hours or so just to cool down. I don't know about you,
but pages and pages of one topic, some of the posts extra long and
meandering off topic are not my idea of fruitful discussion.

How about 2-5 days to think on it or make some decision. Maybe the admin
group will write up a FAQ or maybe decide to post chat logs in that time.
Maybe Michael will give us a shiny new paypal e-mail address or reveal the
results of his Waltercon poll.

No more of this "wind your neck in yourself" talk. I don't even know what
that means. No more arguing for the sake of arguing or "to win" the
argument. No more about Haiku Bounties, unless you want to start up a new
bounty system, but that one is done with. Thanks to Micheal for dropping
that. It's in the past.  No more Marketing/Communications isn't "rock
surgery" Do you want Koki to program, Axel ? His profession takes skill and
hard work too. I think we released a lot of anger but created more as well.
Thanks to Czeslaw for injecting some well need humo(u)r.

Things done.

*dev list is now open
*Distro guidelines up
*Paypal reoccurring donations

Things that could be fixed or improved. To be acted upon in the next 2- 5

*Paypal e-mail address change would be nice and thank you note
*Financial Statement or at least a estimated time of arrival. (Micheal ?)
*Waltercon poll results(available online now but only if you vote again???)
and further discussions (Michael?)
*Admin IRC chat logs or summaries.
          *How do you join or get invited ? Generalities, nothing "set in
              We all know how well secret government works.
*Haiku Inc. Board of Directors (Guys lurking in the shadows step into the
         * Who are you ?
         * Why are you here ? Do you have anything worth...
         * How are you elected
          *Can you be voted out or are you set for life?

Now all of you admin and board of director people please work on some of
these things (plus ones I failed to mention) and get back to us in a few
days.  Then maybe we can discuss this in smaller chunks, more on point, and
concise. Also we can talk like adults and try to keep insults to a minimum
after we had some time to cool off.

I think if we talk about this anymore as unproductively or as harshly,
they'll be throwing chairs or fists at the next Waltercon.

May the cogs of this non-profit turn quickly and not crush anyone between
its teeth.

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