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  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 01:01:45 +0300

We shouldn't make another Linux... BeOS is a GUI oriented OS. The terminal is 
there because JLG chose to have POSIX compatibility. Maybe not for R1, but for 
R1.1 there should be a GUI front-end for every Terminal service. I like it the 
hard way too, but I will not convince too many of my friends to use OBOS if it 
is not heavily GUI.


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Selon Adi Oanca <e2joseph@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> From: "François Revol"
> > Selon Jonas Sundstrom
> >
> > > Sikosis wrote:
> > > > I'd assume we'd use cron.
> > >
> > > By all means include it, but don't expect normal people to use it.
> > Noone stops you from making a Joe-friendly gui interface to crontab :)
>     But I thought our philosophy is:
You don't have to always rewrite things from scratch.
cron is a widely used app.
Having a gui on top would help make everyone happy.
Those like me that want to to it the hard way, and 
those who want something à la M$ scheduler in the 


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