[openbeos] Re: scheduler/reminder

  • From: Isaac Yonemoto <ityonemo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 14:09:05 -0500 (CDT)

>     OBOS is will be USER friendly, NOT geek friendly!

These should not be exclusionary.  One need not sacrifice one for the
other.  What BeOS is about is about being user friendly, and geek
friendly.  We should also (in this day in age) aim to be administrator

User friendly -- slick interface.  Easy-to-use file
structure.  Queries.  No hangups.
Geek friendly -- intuitive API, access to CLI, customizability, scripting. 
Admin friendly -- Easy to configure, restrict, upgrade, modular,
sensible default values, secure secure secure.

If we stick to these core values, I think we're set.

In my opinion, #2 is the most important.  Since we aren't commercial, the
geeks will write the software and the OS itself.  Sound architectural
design (as opposed to Linux-style) which is necessary for #2 will help #1.

To a certain extent, if we do everything right #1 is just a matter of
quality control, that person with a white glove who makes sure that there
isn't that veneer of dust on everything, and sends stuff back if it's
broke.  Making things geek-friendly (i.e.  limited customizability) will
allow us to test (and offer) different paradigms with ease.  Should "put
to rest" (or rather, let lie) debates on whether we should have a
mac-style menu or a PC-style menu, et cetera.

#3 is where OBOS needs to break ground.  Because BeOS never had
this.  Again, good design that enables some of #2 should also facilitate
#3.  For example, It's nearly impossible to find config files, -- mostly
because of developers.  It stands to become worse when OBOS becomes
multiuser.  To achieve #3 we need 1) a sound organizational doctrine, and
2) an auditing team that makes sure at the very least programs respect
organization principles -- and at best scans through developer's source
code (when available) & binary (when necessary) to suggest improvements.


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