[openbeos] Re: scheduler/reminder

  • From: "Adi Oanca" <e2joseph@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:49:26 +0300

From: "Simon Taylor"

> Myself and Michael are still discusing the GUI stuff offlist ;-)

    Share with us! :-)

> >     I was talking about GENERAL apps! Do you consider good a OBOS
> > program
> > that uses:
> >         "ls -l | grep xxxx"
> >      to find some files via a criteria, or use PERL regular
> > expressions
> > support, etc.
> Personally, I wouldn't see any problems with that - if it's a
> reasonable solution to the problem.

    Don't make that a habit! It's a poor solution.

> >     I consider this POOR programming. If you want to do one thing
> > right you
> > might want to search the net for a, possibly free, library that
> > supports
> > easy manipulation of strings or one that works very nice with regular
> > expressions! That's a good product; a product that comes with
> > incorporated
> > features, not relying on outside help.
> Isn't one of the whole ideas of C++ and OOP in general being code
> reuse, ie "relying on outside help"? What's different, conceptually,
> using features a CLI app provides in a script, to using features a C++
> library provides in a C++ app?

    It's a quick solution to a small problem. Usually with a bit of work
that feature can be incorporated. It is my opinion that those apps are poor,
because they use the old and outdated CLI method. CLI time has passed, and
programmers should realize that. Plus working with CLI apps is slower
because they are not in the same space as the app itself; and you can't
control them during execution.
    As I said, it's quick and poor solution, hope that OBOS won't use this
like Linux does.
    I tend to do things the best way possible even if it take a long time, I
may be wrong about that; but... that's meee! :-)

> Anyway, scripting is very well suited to certain tasks, like it or not.
> > > A *smart* developer uses the best tools at her/his disposal to
> > > carry
> > > out said dev's final objective in the most efficient, reproducible
> > > manner possible without prejudice to the vehicle used to reach the
> > > finished product.
> >
> >     I *totally* agree! But, if one's "most efficient, reproducible
> > manner"
> > is scripting with CLI apps, then... he's not "A *smart* developer ".
> Surely he's smart if he can write a script in about an hour, for the
> task that you spend 3 months on writing a modular reinvention of the
> same thing.
> A developer is less smart if he blindly defends his preferred
> methodology as the best way to do everything, without realising that
> other methods also have merits.

    :-) You might say that's me! :-)
    You are right Simon, a *smart* developer would write a script in about
an hour saving 3 months for work. [Don't forget, I was talking about GUI
    A *good* developer would realize that scripting with CLI apps is wrong
and use those 3 months to do it's product competitive.
    You think I'm wrong? Look at the percentage of GUI apps using scripting
with CLI apps versus the ones that use modules!


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