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  • Date: 22 Sep 2003 07:33:20 -0000

>products, but especially OSS ones, is "feature creep". Have 
>you seen the default context menu in the latest tracker - it just keeps 
>growing and growing. I for one would love to see the view options taken 
>out of that (how often are they really used? They already have an entry 
>on the "Window" menu, and keyboard shortcuts!!)

I too agree that the Tracker context menu is big, Axel too is conscious of that 
problem, and a discussion about that started long time ago. But it's not that 
you can say: "ok, let's remove this, that and that other thing over there".

That said, have you ever read some of "Joel on Software" pieces ? Some users 
like to reach a command via the context menu, others via the "window" menu, 
others via a keyboard shortcut, etc. etc.
If you don't provide to users an option where they think they can find it, they 
won't use it. They won't use your product. They will use something else.

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