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  • From: Scott Mansfield <thephantom@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 17:41:40 -0700

Hello Adi,

On Sunday, Sep 21, 2003, at 14:21 America/Los_Angeles, Adi Oanca wrote:

From: "Scott Mansfield"
IM[not so]HO these
projects attempt to clone the 'doze "experience" in their own
interpretation of same.

Hmm... doesn't OBOS or Linux or Windows or Solaris tries to do the
thing? A OS...

Not necessarily, no. What I should have said is that if one looks at how the GUI presents itself to interact with the user it's strikingly similar to windows. KDE and Gnome want to draw the user to the "Linux on the Desktop Nirvana," and I feel that they try to achieve this goal by cloning the windoze "experience" rather than invent new ways of doing things.

I think so too. I don't see many new things that can change a computer
experience, 'cause I'm not a graphics artist, BUT, I hope our CDT will
surprise us! :-)

Since when has being a graphics artist a prerequisite towards improving the user experience? Pretty pictures aside, there's a lot that happens under the hood to accomplish what you're advocating. It takes is desire, imagination, initiative, the ability to speak one's mind, and the wisdom to take constructive criticism at its face value and not as an assault on your person or character. Something you're very well qualified to do.

 I am of the opinion (and I have lot of them in case you
hadn't noticed ;-) ) that we (in general) need a refresh in the whole
GUI universe.

Ohhh how I'd wish that!!!!!!!!!!

Two words: "Glass Elevator" :-)

 I'd MUCH rather see a user-centric operating environment
than a computer-centric one.  Enlightenment, before Raster started the
0.17 branch, was a great step in this direction.

I have had some experiences with Enlightenment v0.15.x (I think) long
time ago. I remember I liked what I saw, but I found Linux very hard to
use(that was the first contact with Linux), and abandoned it. If you say E
was that good it means we should inspire from it!

E, with its strengths, is a pain in the derriere to configure; you're not alone here. A quintessential example of a developer's point-of-view WRT "user friendliness" without input from those who aren't developers. E, in its current incarnation, has some really great ideas but falls short in implementation.

BTW, you like gdb more than DDD, don't you? :-)

LMAO! Good observation. :-) I don't use either, though. It's printf()'s and assert()'s for me baby! That's my debugging tool!

You should try DDD. It's a very nice environment. When you have a problem, a debugging helps you A LOT! TRY! :-) I did! And haven't stopped using them since then! :-)

I've used 'em. DDD rocks. GDB is a pain. Neither is suited towards embedded/device driver development tasks though GDB comes close with the addition of KDB (Linux kernel debugging patch from SGI).

Does Windows have such a thing?

Yes windoze does. Please pardon me, I feel dirty for even the slightest M$ advocation here, but one can launch any 'doze program from the CLI. [Ugh. Feel dirty. Must shower now. *shudder*]

Really? I didn't know about that! Can you please give me the path to that file!?

Depending on what version you're running it either referred to as the "MS-Dos Prompt" or the "Command Prompt" on the Start Menu. For non-NT versions of windows it just opens up a copy of command.com, and for NT versions (NT, 2000, XP), it opens up WINNT\system32\cmd.exe. From there you can launch any kind of program (DOS, console, or GUI).

:-) Ohh, come on... I was referring to the Windows distribution!

Sorry bud, guess I've lost context here. There's only one Windoze distribution. What are you looking for?

Then again, there's always cygwin if you just gotta have that unix-like
goodness on your windows box. ;-)

:-) who wants that?????????????/ :-)

[wicked sneer] Heh heh heh, I do. ;-)

    I consider this POOR programming. If you want to do one thing
right you
might want to search the net for a, possibly free, library that
easy manipulation of strings or one that works very nice with regular
expressions! That's a good product; a product that comes with
features, not relying on outside help.

The STL and PCRE come to mind.

I think where we have our disconnect is that we are looking at
different problems from different viewpoints. After reading your
responses I think I see your point. You are looking at things from the
perspective of the user, and I from a developer's viewpoint, no?

No, not quite... you understood correctly; dev POV.
Let me say again my opinion:
One should not use(background) CLI apps to achieve functionality for
a GUI app! He should make its own modules or use the ones available on

On that point, we agree. :-)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some good seeing tonight and need to get my telescope and camera ready for some serious observing time...

Hasta luego,

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