[openbeos] Re: scheduler/reminder

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 11:49:39 -0400

If you have an interest in a scheduler type of thing...
Check out the editorial that I wrote early on about Clippy. 
The gist of it is that I personally (and I think that many others) would value 
a program with some quasi-AI skills...
It could remind you of events.
It could watch the news (through an RSS feed) and using a Bayesian filter type 
algorithm maybe crossed with a Tivo thumbs up/down, it could judge better next 
time what news you care about.
If you give it a topic, it could do searches for you and hold the results - a 
Tivo for web surfing.
It could hold a "things to buy" list for you.
It could monitor various things on your system (hd space, memory, etc) and warn 
you about relevant changes. Again - thumbs up/down for if you want to hear 
about this again...

I am sure that you can see the trend, here. Something along the same mindset as 
Watson (IIRC) on the Mac - the app that puts a nicer face on certain websites. 

Anyway. BGA has this absolutely right - this is not an R1 thing, at the very 
I would not be opposed to discussing making an API for scheduling events for 
R2+. Cron would use it (or maybe we would use crond) as could a GUI or others. 
Maybe it is a bad idea. Haven't thought it through. That would belong on the GE 
list, though.

>> In the case of cron, crontab really is just a program that launches 
>> vi to edit the table, and sends a message to crond to reread it.
>> So a gui would just parse the table, rewrite it, and ask crond to 
>> update. No need to talk to crontab.
>Good. I won't question the use of cron as long as it gets a GUI,
>and it turns out to be suitable for what we want to use it for.
>(Brian Tietz' Scheduler is a good target to shoot for)

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