[haiku] running Haiku on real hardware

  • From: helix84 <helix84@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 02:30:19 +0100

Hello Haiku developers,

today for the first time I left the comfort of virtualization and
found the time and hardware to try Haiku natively. I'd like to share
with you a few observations and experiences.

First, I dd'd (wow, that's a nice verb, first time I used it) the raw
image in an unformatted partition and added a chainloader entry to
GRUB. After reboot I got surprised by "superblock not found" from
GRUB. Luckily, search turned up this wonderful informational article:
So after running makebootable from Linux, I was finally able to boot
Haiku. Later I was surprised again when I tried to boot the same raw
partition from VirtualBox via a vmdk disk descriptor like I used to.
But I quickly realized that the offset written by makebootable was
from the start of the physical disk, while the vmdk contains only this
one partition so the offset is from start of the partition.
Understadable, though a bit inconvenient if I want to switch between
bare metal and virtualized environment where all drivers work fine.

When I first started Haiku on bare metal (a Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook
E8310), the keyboard didn't work. I tried to look for some
compatibility option in BIOS concerning keyboard, but there is none.
Then I tried recovery mode and keyboard worked. I was trying to
pinpoint exactly which recovery option helps, but it turned out none
was necessary! It's sufficient to press Shift to bring up the Haiku
boot menu and then proceed booting normally. Keyboard will then work
in Haiku itself. If someone can explain why this is so, maybe he can
also fix it.

A second problem I noticed is that when I restart Haiku, which invokes
warm boot, this notebook hangs at the BIOS screen after POST, shortly
before handing off control to MBR. When I press Ctrl-Alt-Del at this
stage, the same thing happens. I have to power it off, then it boots
normally. The system also boots normally after a Power off from Haiku
(as opposed to Restart).

I can provide any pci listings or whatever if you tell me how.

Next I'm going to investigate if Haiku supports WPA2/AES with hidden SSID.


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