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Ok, I'm probably a tad behind on this (probably never really grasped it, to begin with, even back in the BeOS days), but what is Tracker and what is Deskbar? I'm assuming Deskbar is the stuff in the upper right corner of the screen, correct? It's like the Start menu in Windows, right? Whereas, Tracker is... ??? Is it like the MacOS Finder? What does it incorporate, functionally?

What is lacking in it? What does it need to have improved? Why does it need to be rewritten?

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Or am I misunderstanding the term “rewrite”?

I'm not sure what Mattia meant, but for myself a rewrite means
reimplementing something in a better way with mostly new code, but
retaining existing features. As much as we love Tracker and Deskbar,
our main legacy code from BeOS, the actual code for those things is
not all that good.

Various efforts have been made to improve Tracker, including some
pretty big refactoring by aldeck in a branch of our repo, as well as
things like Tracker.NewFS.

Sometime soon I would like to start working on a rewrite of Deskbar,
using proper object oriented design and some sort of MVC or MV setup.
The existing Deskbar has some very tight coupling between its user
interface and the data it works with, making it harder to change and


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