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  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:41:02 -0700

Why must everything be rewritten?  Why can’t things simply be what they are?  
The Tracker has been around since Be, Inc. created it.  Why not let it remain 
as a standing testimony to the “legacy” of BeOS?  You change the core aspects 
that make Haiku the “official” offspring of BeOS, you might as well not even 
mention BeOS at all, except in passing.  And that just doesn’t seem right. 

Or am I misunderstanding the term “rewrite”?  If all anyone wants is to improve 
the code of Tracker, then great.  But to change it’s operational functionalty, 
is akin to having those silly “Decorators”, like for MacOS and Amiga and 
Windows... silly waste of code, if you ask me.  BeOS wasn’t a clone of any of 
those, and neither is Haiku.  Haiku is the offspring of BeOS.  And it should 
remain exactly as it is.

To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: [haiku] opentracker

why not rewrite the tracker too?





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