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  • Date: Wed 17 Sep 2003 13:01:16 +0200

Hi Charlie

You have a point there. Many people want to help, and at the end many 'fail'in 
doing that. This is the risk you have with volunteers and this is something you 
have to deal with... But I believe that there is a 'system' that could help 
accelerate the development of an 'Os' or an 'application'. If you do your best 
to get 'new' developers, less work should be done by every individual 
developer. If  someone doesn't have the time anymore, another one could take it 
over very easy and fast. Now you have 1 person/application and it last months 
when somenone wants to continue with that 1 application. When you do your best 
to get more developers, you could have the situation that you have 2 or more 
persons per application. This is maybe a dream, but who does not try, does not 
know ... 
And if you want to attrackt more people to help, you need to do something for 
I don't say that the OBOS-site is bad. I can say that it is very good 
structured and easy to find things(good work Phil!). The only thing I miss, is 
that it is difficult for new developers to join the team. 


P.S: Sorry for those who always gets my emails twice, but I want to be sure  
that everyone of openbeos and the preferences-team gets my email.

 openbeos-preferences@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 2003-09-17 at 09:43:00 [+0000], Jan-Rixt Van Hoye wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Many thanks for the many reactions on my mail. If everything goes well,
> I=20
>> can start at the preferences team(thx Sikosis). What I see is that ther
>> are some "small problems" with OpenBeOs Management. I am new to this20
>> community, but I can say that I am following it since Be Inc "stopped".
> I=20
>> love BeOs, but on new systems, it does not work good anymore. I am very
>> glad to see that there is a group of volunteers that want to make Beos20
>> "competitive" again. But this is "shit" we hear every time. What I see20
>> and hear now is that some things don't go very well and these are:
>> 1) Communication problem with the management. We hear everything in "be
>> news-sites" but nothing on the "OpenBeos-site"
>> Solution: A good and UP-TO-DATE news forum with easy acces. What I mean
>> is not a newsletter( the ones that exists are very good for those who a
>> developing). I mean, if someone leave a team or gets into it, this shou
>> be posted in a central place. And not somewhere in a 'dark corner' of t
>> site. A potential developer should have the possibility to send a mail 
>> the "right" responsable team-manager. There should not be old email=2
>> addresses.
>> 2) There is no easy way to contribute to the project.
>> Solution: A webpage where you are able to fill in your interests and in
>> which team you want to work. When you "submit", a mail should be sent t
>> the responsable team-leader
>Hey Jan-Rixt,
>those are all valid points but please remember that resources are limited
>and managing Open Source really is like herding cats. One of things OBOS20
>has suffered from thus far is not enuff commitment from developers: peopl
>who've signed up to something but either lost interest or never had it in
>the first place. That said Phil does a great job with his website, I thin
>it's the best of the various teams and he does respond actively to people
>One thing you might like to know about is that OBOS developers (well the20
>European ones) do actually meet up generally at BeGeistert and you might20
>like to come along to the next one to meet a few of them seeing as you're
>just down the road.
>Charlie Clark
>Chief Chaos Coordinator
>BeGeistert 011 - NeXTsteps
>D=FCsseldorf 18 - 19.10.2003

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