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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 22:06:26 -0500

>===== Original Message From "zoe" <zoefly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> =====
>>My mother barely found www.nbc.com on her own the other night! You
>think she
>>could install Linux? You think she knows WTF Linux is? I had a hard
>>time getting her to use Windows after years of Mac OS. (first Mac she
>used -
>>System 6.0.8) She still can't find her rear from a hole in the ground
>>Windows... I suspect it's more of a mindset than anything, but she
>>adapt. She dosen't want to, and there's no way she'd handle a
>>installation either. The installation she might make it though... but
>>that... it'd be nothing but bi$ching.
>I am with your mother...I have really tried with Linux.. I have had my
>linux buddy install 8-10 different distributions. I believe its an
>OS but I get my mind hits a impentrable brick wall when it comes to
>ever getting to grips with it. The great beauty of BeOS is that it was
>is the most friendly user friendly system. However as an ex refuge from
>windupows I have never managed to understand the Terminal.  Like
>most average users i really need a friendly front end over the fabulous
>workings below.
>I am still banging those rocks together

It is my firm belief that a complete OS should never have the NEED for a 
terminal. AFAIConcerned if you need a terminal to change something or 
execute a command, the OS is not complete. No user should ever be 
forced to type commands in a GUI environment. It is an option. It is there 
for the hard-core geeks who can type faster than use a mouse (myself 

It's been my expirence that Linux is impossible to use without running into 
a situation where you'll have to use a terminal at some point. It has no 
business being on the desktop of an 'average joe'. Any geek who thinks 
that it does needs to have his head examined. Linux is a great OS and it 
is stable, but... you put my grandparents or my mother in front of it, and 
you're asking for trouble. You can kiss grandmas lovely cookies goodbye, 
because she won't forgive that one!

BeOS is a wonderful OS, it seemed to share that same philosophy. The 
command line was an option. But the GUI, it was the base. I love that 
about BeOS... and many many more things as well. So... let's do it!


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