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This could be done by the OS for non-beos shared libraries (adding attribute
to shared library of the app signature loading it).

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> My thoughts I post whenever this thread rears it's ugly head.
> 1.  Apps should never install anything into system areas. 
> The OS is reserved for the OS.  Shared libraries go into
> a user directory, app libraries under the app directory.
> 2.  The OS should support a CopyVer function and every 
> library/executable should have a compatable version number
> embedded in it.  Older libraries/executables should NEVER
> EVER EVER overwrite newer versions.  No version number no
> install.
> 3.  Don't remove shared libraries on uninstall.
> Follow the above and I think 99% of all problems go away.

I agree.  I was [not-so] recently involved in a conversation about just 
this, and I think the consensus was exactly the same.  Version numbers 
or no install, no overwriting libraries in the shared lib folder, never 
ever write to system directories.  Another thought that came up that 
was what I thought, a good idea - use attributes on the shared library 
files to "register" programs using them.  Then you could have an app 
(such as an installer/uninstaller) search the file attributes of 
installed shared libraries and remove any that had no applications 
assigned to them.  This, of course, requires that all application 
developers "registered" their programs with shared libs by adding to 
the attributes of the libs.  Food for thought.


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