[openbeos] Re: on SoftwareValet for OBOS

  • From: "Mikael J." <tic_khr@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 00:30:53 +0100

>Just a bit of user input here....
>From a user point of view, the Windows method is quite good - if we 
>could use that approach but make it work we'd have a winner.
>The installers in Linux and QNX are way too complex for newbies, 
>K.I.S.S, can you imagine your mother using it?

That's why we need the format to be as extensive as possible, to allow 
the package/installer-thingy to scale both up -and- down, for us that 
need/want to know the details.
For the others, they can just have the name of the app and a little cute 

-- tic

>>>I'm a little hesitant to take this on as part of OpenBeOS -- it 
>>>represents a great 3rd party opportunity.  Having said that, it 
>>>to me that a simple solution (in the way that Poor Man is BeOS's 
>>>web server solution) would be a binary file containing a 
>>>developer-provided shell script to direct the install and a zip 
>>>with the files to be installed.  You could slap a pretty simple GUI 
>>>top of that and make it fairly Grandma-friendly. =)  That certainly 
>>>wouldn't be what you'd call a full-featured installer, but it might 
>>>as an something in between a plain zip file and truly needing a 
>>>professional installation tool because your installation is so 
>>Friend of mine and me scetched(sp?) on this stuff a while ago, but 
>>actually finish it.
>>It was intented to work something like CygWin's installer (connect to 
>>some web site, get a list of packages, let the user mark them and 
>>finally install them.)
>>The packages themselves should contain information about:
>>* Dependencies -- other packages it needs.
>>* Location -- where it'll install itself.
>>* Type -- application or add-on.
>>    - Application -- installs itself in its own directory, and can't 
>>stuff in other directories.
>>    - Add-on -- can place the files basically where it wants to.
>>* Files -- list of files in the release, checksum'd and all.
>>Among other things, I don't have the spec. handy. Preferredly(sp?) in 
>>XML, along with a Package Builder That Does Not Suck(TM).
>>The user gets the list through a little application, and can from 
>>choose if he wants to install it or not. For those of you who have 
>>QNX's package-thingy, that's almost like I want it (just not the 
>>For applications and packages, a list of installed packages needs to 
>>installed for easier updating and/or removal. Needn't be like the 
>>Windows equivalence (*shiver*), but still -- a list would be nice.
>>Mikael J @ http://hem.spray.se/tic_khr

Mikael J @ http://hem.spray.se/tic_khr


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