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  • From: David Telstra <dmcpaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 15:33:29 +1100

>SV wrote:
>> Weird.  Never got any conflict with Install Shield (I don't understand how
>> it can happen), and found the uninstall process very clean under windows.

Install Sheild can work well, it really comes down to what it has to do.

>Trouble is, when you uninstall stuff on Windows, you never really 
>know what the system is actually doing. What dll's is it deleting from
>c:/winnt/system32? What changes is it making to the mysterious (to
>me anyway) registry? Where are the log files so I can see what it did?

This is because of the stupid way windows handles dll's, everything seems to 
go into system32.

>Besides that stuff, the Windows uninstaller fails sometimes (like if you
>delete the app without using the Add/Remove Programs uninstaller)
>and then app names pile up in the Add/Remove window and you
>can't get rid of them (I don't know how to anyway).

Yes a real pain for me too.

>MV wrote:
>> Un-installing is a bit tricky though. Can we not collect the install 
>> logs from package installs and reverse then in an uninstall app?
>Trouble is, consider this: you install app_a, it copies libFoo.so to your
>~/config/lib. Then, later, you install app_b that also uses (and comes
>with) libFoo.so.
>The troubles that arise are:
>//=Should the app_b installation process copy over the libFoo.so
>     that was installed during the app_a install?
>//=Once both apps are installed, you go to remove one of them.
>     If libFoo.so gets deleted, the other app will no longer work.
>     How do you keep track of whether a given app (that is getting
>     uninstalled) is the last one using a given lib?

My thoughts I post whenever this thread rears it's ugly head.

    1.  Apps should never install anything into system areas.  The OS is 
reserved for the OS.  Shared libraries go into a user directory, app 
libraries  under the app directory.
    2.  The OS should support a CopyVer function and every library/executable 
should have a compatable version number embedded in it.  Older libraries/
executables should NEVER EVER EVER overwrite newer versions.  No version 
number no install.
    3.  Don't remove shared libraries on uninstall.

Follow the above and I think 99% of all problems go away.

Of course you should also expect programmers to learn how to create newer 
versions of libraries without breaking older apps that use older versions of 
the library.  Something amiga programmers learnt well but windows programmers 
never seem to understand it.


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