[openbeos] Re: on SoftwareValet for OBOS

  • From: "Matt Verran" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 14:03:14 +0000

Just a thought, we have plenty of devs, but is there a user panel to 
make interface/styling/usability decisions for where it regards 
'ordinary' users?

Most of you guys are pretty hardcore, so maybe we should have a panel 
of people, possibly chaired by Helmar or someone to ensure that we 
produce r5 in a user friendly package?

>Just want to agree with everything below.
>I am a complete techno dummy who was an avid beos fan.
>I really not understand half these posts but I extremely
>gratefull and want to show my full support to OBOS
>(and BeUnited and everyone else working in in the old Be seams).
>Anyway please remember  KISS (Keep it Simple) so
>that lowely ludites like myself will one day find OBOS a joy to use
>due to your excellent user friendly work.
>>User input again.... (bit more than 0.02 worth though)
>>>> > > The installers in Linux and QNX are way too complex for 
>>>> > > K.I.S.S, can you imagine your mother using it?
> snip
>>Ever tried to show your grandfather, mother, kid sister or brother 
>>to use RPM's in Linux? As far as general users go, Linux things are 
>>involving for even the simplest process. To many buttons, to many 
>>options and a really BAD interface that isn't intuitive.
>>This internet install thing is also a PITA. Americans assume the rest 
>>of the world has free unlimited fast internet - remember BeOS was a 
>>worldwide hit. Can you imagine the use that internet installs are 
>>to be to a class full of kids in Mozambique on a 14.4k dial up? 
>>worldwide were attracted to BeOS because it makes more of less, its 
>>cheaper than MS, plus it gives a grounding in UNIX-style systems.
>>So I would suggest:-
>>1) Not having to load another app to install my application, it works 
>>well having a central site like BeBits that holds apps, which people 
>>download and install.
>>2) When I install software, I want to double click it, and it 
>>- even if its just a bash script. 
>>3) The installer should have the minimum of options, buttons etc. 
>>'click and go'
>>4) Uninstall really should be implemented. As a prefs panel?
>> If OpenBeOS is going to go anywhere you guys need to hold back on 
>>cool geeky features a little. BeOS attracted people from the Mac 
>>as well as the Windows world, not everyone is a console jockey. 
>>The Packages in BeOS are pretty good to install from a user point of 
>>view, and I haven't found them particularly tricky to make (although 
>>most Bebits software devs seem to have never seen the Packager app? 
>>Un-installing is a bit tricky though. Can we not collect the install 
>>logs from package installs and reverse then in an uninstall app?
>>Keep your feet on the ground and keep up the work guys, but if you 
>>your efforts on OpenBeOS to be worthwhile, you need to make the OS 
>>potential new users want, as well as the super cool rocket engine mk 
>>that we all want. We need to rebuild and expand this community big 
>>Matt (M)

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