[openbeos] Re: on SoftwareValet for OBOS

  • From: "Matt Verran" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:33:35 +0000

User input again.... (bit more than 0.02 worth though)

>> > > The installers in Linux and QNX are way too complex for newbies,
>> > > K.I.S.S, can you imagine your mother using it?
>There are dpkg front ends for linux. You call it up and browse the
>packages. It sucks it off the internet and installs it for you. I 
>think it can get easier than this.

Ever tried to show your grandfather, mother, kid sister or brother how 
to use RPM's in Linux? As far as general users go, Linux things are too 
involving for even the simplest process. To many buttons, to many 
options and a really BAD interface that isn't intuitive.

This internet install thing is also a PITA. Americans assume the rest 
of the world has free unlimited fast internet - remember BeOS was a 
worldwide hit. Can you imagine the use that internet installs are going 
to be to a class full of kids in Mozambique on a 14.4k dial up? People 
worldwide were attracted to BeOS because it makes more of less, its 
cheaper than MS, plus it gives a grounding in UNIX-style systems.

So I would suggest:-

1) Not having to load another app to install my application, it works 
well having a central site like BeBits that holds apps, which people 
download and install.

2) When I install software, I want to double click it, and it installs 
- even if its just a bash script. 

3) The installer should have the minimum of options, buttons etc. Think 
'click and go'

4) Uninstall really should be implemented. As a prefs panel?

 If OpenBeOS is going to go anywhere you guys need to hold back on the 
cool geeky features a little. BeOS attracted people from the Mac world 
as well as the Windows world, not everyone is a console jockey. 

The Packages in BeOS are pretty good to install from a user point of 
view, and I haven't found them particularly tricky to make (although 
most Bebits software devs seem to have never seen the Packager app? :) 

Un-installing is a bit tricky though. Can we not collect the install 
logs from package installs and reverse then in an uninstall app?

Keep your feet on the ground and keep up the work guys, but if you want 
your efforts on OpenBeOS to be worthwhile, you need to make the OS that 
potential new users want, as well as the super cool rocket engine mk II 
that we all want. We need to rebuild and expand this community big 

Matt (M)

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