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  • Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 15:59:09 +0200

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[openbeos] Re: Icon Contest thread
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Okay, let's share my opinion too.

I like more perspective icons sets than flat ones, Tango included, as the
isometric icons are/was a very distinctive visual difference between BeOS icons
and others OSes icons. No wonder why many were/are still stolen to enhance some
web sites.

Among perspective icons in this contest, only the one with not-too discret drop
shadows make sense to me. BTW, zuMi's people icon head don't cast any shadow,
what's the hell is that!? ;-)

Dark borders is a must have to allow good visibility on any background image.
Non-strong bordered icons will look good only on some uniform color background,
and only lighter colors.

The tool for preferences icons is way better than a checkmark, as most often
these tools offer a way to setup and tune than just
enabling/disabling/checking, the meaning of checkmarks in my mind. The overlay
should be very distintive and in the same isometric shadow-casting perspective
as the rest of the set, which is not the case in Stippi's Screen preflet icon

Last but not least regarding preflet standard overlay, it should be keep very
visually distintive as under BeOS. Maybe a gray color is not eyes catcher
enough for that. A tool with a colorful handle like a red-handle screwer (red
to keep some link with old BeOS red checkmark) will be better?

The Honey icons set looks great at 64x64 but seems to require a lot more
rendering time and lost pretty much all its details at 16x16.

The lego head is most probably copyrighted.

Any textual label should be drop in 16x16 size.

At last, I disagree about the needs to insert Haiku logo's colors into the
generic executable blocks colors. The current colors are more
lego-colored-blocks-like-components inspired to me than first Be logo two
colors + yellow color... But we definitly needs a better icon for AboutHaiku
app, though ;-)

- Philippe

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