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  • From: Linus Almstrom <linalm-7@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 19:42:12 +0100

>First thing I tried, Roxio 5 came back with a message that they were not
>iso images. It was at that point that I wrote the mailing list because
>there is no e-mail on beosonline.com. I even looked at OpenBeOS to see
>there was talk of how to create the CD. I have a friend that has Linux and
>SCSI Drive so he will create the disk if he can, believe me I have even
>down load cdrecord for Wintel and still can't do anything because I don't
>have a SCSI drive and I am on a Compaq 7000 that uses Compaq own CD burners
>and won't work with cdrecord. I even tried to download Nero to try, because
>they say they have a Demo version.

Why the burning application does not think it is not an iso, is becuase
it is an iso image of bfs. If you are able to boot beos at all, you can
try to mount the image:

mount imagefile mountpoint

Now you can see that the image file is a complete bfs image, thus does
those applications that tries to analize the content of the image does not
know what it is and think it is not a valid iso imate. Just try to
burn the image as raw data, and you will probably be fine.

I have no knowledge about windows or windows applications, so I am 
no help there.



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