[openbeos] Re: newsletter

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 21:49:21 -0400

>>>Btw, WonderBrush was demoed at the last BeGeistert, and it was 
>>>already very nice. (now you know what you have to do to see the 
>>>things that will come next, go to BEGeistert :p)
>>Hehe - long roadtrip. Still - I promised Charlie Clark that I would be there 
>>when we had a bootable OS 
>on x86 that is "reasonably" close to R5. 
>a date was mentioned but I seem to have forgotten ;-) We will be booting OBOS 
>at BeGeistert 011, of 
>course. Maybe Michael and other special guests will be there or they'll be 
>joining the ever growing list 
>of "I can't make it this time but I'm definitely coming to the next one". 
>Whatever if you want to come 
>make sure you register as soon as possible. We're going to have a nice network 
>infrastructure and if we 
>get some help building WLAN-antennae we might even go public. Note this does 
>not mean IRC or webcams for 
>BeGeistert as we just don't have the time to coordinate it all but some stuff 
>might get out.

There is booting, and there is *booting*. 
What I meant is booting in the same sense as R5 - that drivers work, that the 
boot image is read from the hard disk, etc. Preferably that OpenTracker starts 
and we have a desktop, too. :-) Not perfection, but a complete, non-perfect 
package. :-)

>>This is fixed, but I must beg your apologies - I had no idea how to create 
>>the letter after "n" in your 
>first name (nor do I even know what it is called, properly), so I made it a 
>"c". If someone wants to 
>correct me offlist, I can fix it again. :-)
>It's called "c cedilla". &ccedil; in HTML Shame on you for not knowing how to 
>make this character in 
>BeOS: what is Keymap for? ;-) Actually Oliver Kohl's Fontboy is an excellent 
>way of accessing non-ASCII 
>characters in BeOS as long as composition isn't possible.

I could create it in BeOS. I couldn't do so in HTML. :-)

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