[haiku] Re: mkdir /usr ?

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  • Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 12:12:35 -0400

OK, makes sense now, thanks! And as a possible work-around I can create folders 
and link to files elsewhere.

- Andrew

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hudsonco1@xxxxxxx wrote:
> OK, that's kind of interesting but I'm a little confused by this. Is 
> this a
> Haiku/BeOS design feature? What is the rationale behind this?

In Haiku (and BeOS), the root file system is a dedicated file system 
(rootfs), ie. "/" does not live on any actual volume. And the rootfs 
does only support directories, and symlinks. The former to support 
mounting volumes on root level, the latter mostly for providing POSIX 
compatibility (like /bin, /var), and some convenient links (like 

"/boot" in Haiku contains the boot volume, not a special boot related 
directory for the boot loader.



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