[openbeos] Re: hello, world

  • From: "Daniel Reinhold" <danielr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 11:59:50 CST

It's snowing here in scenic Oklahoma as well...

Thanks for the backgrounder. I love reading that kind of stuff.

>Hello, is this thing on?  I just now subbed to this list.
>For those who don't know me, a little history.  I've been coding for 
>since late 1998.  I bought version 4.0 from BeDepot but didn't get 
>in earnest until BeOS 4.5 arrived with SCSI support.
>My biggest claim to fame is an NNTP newsreader called Pineapple News.  
I got
>myself hired at Be on the strength of my newsreader and lasted there 
>seven months.  I got laid off in "the final purge" when Palm forced Be 
>slim down to 50 employees before the acquisition.  I'm not 
>bitter about that: I spent all my time working on no-fun eVilla stuff, 
>when that wound down, no-fun internal messaging and binder stuff.  I 
like to
>work on apps, not internal plumbing, but at the time Be had no app 
work for
>me to do.  And I certainly wouldn't put myself in the top 50 Be 
employees at
>that time so I think they did the right thing laying me off.
>Right now I'm working on a liblayout-type thing called Sabal.  It's 
>here in scenic Nashville, Tennessee today so I guess I won't be 
leaving the
>house after all like I planned and I'll probably release the first 
>version later on today.  If anybody likes it I'll keep documenting and
>working on it; if not I'll go back to working on the next version of 
>Since the demise of Be I've been in the process of boot-strapping 
>into MacOSX.  I'm trying to make my newsreader into a BeOS/MacOSX
>cross-platform app and also expand it into a mail client, Pineapple 
>And that's about all there is to know.

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