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  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 13:14:11 -0700

2008/9/2 Jorge Mare <kokitomare@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I know I have said or implied this a few times in the past, so feel
> free to chuckle/laugh at me if you want (I deserve it), but this time
> it is real: I am leaving the project for good.
> As for the reasons, I will spare you the details, and will just say
> this: Haiku was a lot of fun at the beginning, but this last year or
> so for the most part it's been dealing with boring stuff that nobody
> else wants to take care of, egos, indifference, hypocrisy,
> misunderstandings based on assumptions, and even a few personal
> attacks. This is not fun at all and I don't find it worth making the
> effort and sacrifice anymore.
> So, farewell and good luck with Haiku (Inc. or otherwise).

As someone who has had the opportunity to work closely with you over
the last year or so, it is sad to see you leave. You have been a
driving force on the marketing and promotion of Haiku, even if your
methods and communication don't always agree with everyone :)

You have definitely created a noticeable difference in the project,
that I don't feel is simply coincidence. I have learned quite a bit
from you, and hopefully I can use some of that knowledge that to help
make a difference as well (both for Haiku, as well as my personal/work

I personally thank you for your contribution over the last several years.

- Urias

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