[openbeos] Re: haiku ports

  • From: "Urias McCullough" <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 16:09:53 -0700

2008/8/18 Steven Hoefel <stevenhoefel@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Scott, Thanks for the info.
> I suppose my only issue is that gcc wants all the headers in one folder? as
> opposed to say a separate ncurses dir, or SDL dir. I am, for example, curing
> boredom by attempting to compile nano and openttd. I've now got openttd
> compiling, but it's failing when it tries to init an SDL window... to be
> debugged tonight. As for nano, I can't remember where i got up to...
> I've based my work off the senryu package from haikuware. I don't know if
> this is the best idea either... I'm still trying to figure if the goal (for
> the posix compatibility) is to just compile everything as thinking it's
> compiling on unix? as opposed to forcing it to think it's on BSD? It seems
> that I get large issues with the includes nested in the
> gnupro-3.4.3/i586.../include folder when compared with
> /boot/dev/headers/posix... but this is probably to be expected as i've told
> openttd to look into both when attempting to compile.

I believe you should *not* be using that gcc version for anything
other than compiling C code for a BeOS target. It's not a native Haiku
compiler like the gcc2.95.3 that is included for Haiku, and it breaks
c++ abi for anything that intends to link against a c++ lib compiled
for beos/haiku.

If you need a newer gcc for Haiku, you might want to wait for the
native gcc4 compiler for Haiku to be finished.

Anyhow, that's just IMHO...

- Urias

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