[haiku] Re: gcc4 hybrid

  • From: "Michael Lotz" <mmlr@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 18:37:33

> Whilst I don't have the luxury (of time), (or patience perhaps) to 
> compile the Haiku Source, I rely upon the 'latest build' that is 
> available to update my working copy once a month or so (because I 
> also 
> have a download quota per month). Having only today read through 
> Michael's account of how he got GCC 4 to compile to work in haiku, I 
> was 
> hoping that on the latest nightly build it would have the development 
> tools of GCC 4 within the set of files included in the image, but it 
> still has the 2.95 versions.
> Am I asking too much, or is it too complicated or inappropriate to 
> include the GCC 4 in the nightly build?

Well, the precompiled images are currently all GCC2. It wouldn't really 
make sense to add the GCC4 package to them, as you couldn't run the 
binaries you build with it on them. Also the GCC4 package is quite 
heavy in size and you'd definitely don't want to just include it along 
side GCC2.

> Alternatively, is there some way that the compiled version that 
> Michael 
> achieved could be made available for download?

It is available as an optional package that will be installed as part 
of the development tools on GCC4 installations.

> I only ask because there is a few things I wanted to try compiling 
> that 
> require a more modern GCC than version 2.95, but it is by no means a 
> vital thing for me.

The best thing for that would simply be a GCC4 Haiku including the 
development tools. There currently aren't any official builds of that, 
but I guess at some point in the future there will be. Also maybe 
someone can borrow you a self-built one including it.


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