[haiku] Re: gcc4 hibryd

  • From: "Raymond C. Rodgers" <sinful622@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 10:32:24 -0500

Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
Skar Cat wrote:
normally i compile the system in the old way with the mind on gcc 2,95 but now what is possble make the hibrid version i wanna know How.

i need a how to or a little explain to clear a little all about the hibryd version of haiku os.

thanks, and congratulations.
I just did this last week for the first time, but found the results to be some what unstable (at least under VirtualBox; under strange circumstances, not only would Haiku crash, but it would even kill the VirtualBox VM). Here's what I did to build it:

From within the Haiku directory, where the ReadMe files are listed:

   mkdir generated-gcc2 generated-gcc4
   cd generated-gcc2
../configure --build-cross-tools ../../buildtools/ --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated-gcc2
   cd ../generated-gcc4
../configure --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86 ../../buildtools/ --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated-gcc4

Oops! I made a mistake on those configure lines; the correct ones are below:

   cd generated-gcc2
../configure --build-cross-tools ../../buildtools/ --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated-gcc4
   cd ../generated-gcc4
../configure --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86 ../../buildtools/ --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated-gcc2

Hope that helps [more]!

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