[openbeos] Re: doxygen tutorial for the newsletter?

  • From: "Rob Tijssen" <rob.tijssen@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 19:21:41 +0200


I like the idea, it can make it a lot easier to me and a lot of other
people who want to start with programming with the (Open)Be API.

I myself have little to no time for this, but still want to learn to do
And taking people by the hand in a slow pace (1 part every 2 weeks)
makes it easy to follow.
And by the finishing of that "usefull" example, you have a lot of
programmers (at least beginners), who can somewhat develop
with / for (open)BeOS.

i.o.w. I like the idea, please do so... :D



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Subject: [openbeos] Re: doxygen tutorial for the newsletter?

> >>I've used Doxygen before, for both commercial and personal
> >>software projects, this would probably require a series of
> >>articles spanning several newsletters to get a decent tutorial
> >>working.  Either that, or risk one incredibly long newsletter
> >>where folks are likely to tune out before finishing the tutorial.
> >
> >You could write the long article and place it in the
> >dev central area of the obos site.
> It would be great if someone could write this for a newsletter article
> (or two).  A small mini-series could be real helpful, not only to folks
> reading, but to fill newsletters, since dredging up articles each 2
> weeks gets more and more of a painful procedure.  With a mini-series, it
> would make my, Michael, and Daniel's (the 2 most often "fill people")
> lives so much easier, at least some, and at least for a couple of
> newsletters.  :)
> That's not to say to draw it out if it isn't necessary though.
> Another idea I was thinking about was a more beginner-ish article of
> building an application.  Not a beginning helloworld tutorial, mind you
> - but an article that goes set-by-step through coding a _useful_
> application.  Each newsletter article could focus on different areas.
> The first article could talk about BWindows and BViews, and building
> what was needed for the app.  The next, maybe GUIs and BMessages.  After
> that, some actual coding for the underlying "engine", if you will.  At
> the end of the article mini-series, there would be a fully functional
> application to use in OBOS itself.
> Any takers or comments?
> Deej

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