[openbeos] Re: doxygen tutorial for the newsletter?

  • From: "Donovan Schulteis" <deej@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 09:47:31 +0000

>>I've used Doxygen before, for both commercial and personal
>>software projects, this would probably require a series of 
>>articles spanning several newsletters to get a decent tutorial 
>>working.  Either that, or risk one incredibly long newsletter 
>>where folks are likely to tune out before finishing the tutorial.
>You could write the long article and place it in the
>dev central area of the obos site.

It would be great if someone could write this for a newsletter article 
(or two).  A small mini-series could be real helpful, not only to folks 
reading, but to fill newsletters, since dredging up articles each 2 
weeks gets more and more of a painful procedure.  With a mini-series, it 
would make my, Michael, and Daniel's (the 2 most often "fill people") 
lives so much easier, at least some, and at least for a couple of 
newsletters.  :)

That's not to say to draw it out if it isn't necessary though.

Another idea I was thinking about was a more beginner-ish article of 
building an application.  Not a beginning helloworld tutorial, mind you 
- but an article that goes set-by-step through coding a _useful_ 
application.  Each newsletter article could focus on different areas.  
The first article could talk about BWindows and BViews, and building 
what was needed for the app.  The next, maybe GUIs and BMessages.  After 
that, some actual coding for the underlying "engine", if you will.  At 
the end of the article mini-series, there would be a fully functional 
application to use in OBOS itself.

Any takers or comments?


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