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  • From: "Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki)" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 13:01:02 -0700

Hi Czeslaw,

Contrary to what you (and apparently others) may think, I am actually very calm. :)

I am not the one who should be reassured. I know who Micheal Phipps is, and I don't need any reassurance; it's not those of us who know Michael that could be concerned. But not everyone knows that Michael Phipps is the project leader and the president of Haiku Inc., nor is it reasonable to expect that every donor will have that knowledge. This becomes even more so as the project keeps gaining visibility beyond the small BeOS community.

So the concern as expressed by Shane on this list is real and legitimate, and not unfounded skepticism. An official @haiku-os.org email address associated with the PayPal account would not only address this potential concern by making it look more legitimate, but it would also look more professional than a private address with a domain name unrelated to Haiku.

So not only for the purpose of clarity but also for that of perceived legitimacy, I think it would be much more appropriate to have a Haiku email account associated with the PayPal account used for donations to Haiku Inc..



Czeslaw Czapla wrote:
Shane Moore wrote:

When I made the donation, it was my first time using PayPal for anything. I think I did receive a "receipt" from paypal to say that the payment had been charged to my credit card. Since I think it was set up to be received by Michael Phipps, I had sort of been expecting some form of email personally from him, or a delegated other person, to say something like "Thankyou Shane for donating". Since I am in Australia, and Haiku is in the US, this kind of personal acknowledgement via email of an international money transaction would have given me the confidence that the transaction had indeed gone to the correct intended recipient, and not to some random other person posing to be "michael phipps".

Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki) wrote:

I think the most reassuring to the donor would be if the name of the PayPal account he/she makes the payment to is "Haiku, Inc." instead of "Michael Phipps".



Greetings, fellow cash-contributors to Haiku!

Know that you are in the best of company!

Koki, be calmed and reassured by the power of empiricism and its inherent superiority over speculative rationalism!

To wit:

I have made PayPal donations to Haiku yesterday and today, both one-time donations and recurring subscription donations. In every case, the recipient of the cash has been clearly identified on the PayPal site as "Haiku, Inc.". The only place where the doubt-inspiring string "phipps" occurs at all in connection with such transactions is in the email address associated with the Haiku, Inc. account at PayPal. Given that Michael is the founder of the project and serves as president of the non-profit corporation (in my understanding), this seems entirely appropriate (I would say desirable in the superlative degree).

I have numerous screenshots of the modest financial transactions on my hard drive for use against persistent unfounded skepticism, should the need arise...

By the way, it was quick and easy for me to establish these facts in evidence. I encourage everyone to try it for himself or herself! Make a donation to Haiku, Inc. through PayPal today! Recurring donations would be particularly helpful.

Once we succeed, collectively, in establishing a reliable revenue stream for Haiku, Inc. then perhaps hiring will become more of a possibility. Given the ongoing hue and cry (understandable if a bit shrill at times) for improved communications and greater approachability and coordination of effort in the project, I might argue for creation of a Project Coordinator position at Haiku, Inc. first of all.

I would submit that the ideal candidate should have superior tact and deep reserves of patience; be entirely devoid of ego; be highly-skilled in mediation and resolution of conflict; possess financial savvy and sound legal instincts; be familiar with software engineering best practices; take dictation and type at a rate of no less than 450 words per minute; be fluent in English, Japanese, and all major (and some minor) European languages; and most especially be graced with an irrepressible and indefatigable sense of humor. Ideally, again, this person should be of independent financial means, or otherwise willing and able to exercise his or her faculties on a fulltime basis for the benefit of the project with only the most modest expectations with regard to monetary compensation. Benefits would perhaps be limited to beatification and formal acceptance into the company of Haiku saints. (The complete guidelines for sanctification are still being worked out at this time and will be published real soon now...)

More seriously: Then we could perhaps turn our attention to grant-writing, and pull down a few hundred thousand dollar at a pop, say, every other year. It's entirely possible, I'm convinced. Our candidate should also have grant-writing experience.

Even more seriously: With patience, hard work, enjoyment, goodwill, and good humor we will get to where we want to be. I take this, more or less, as an article of faith. Even rigorous debate, kept in perspective and confined within the bounds of civility, is a valuable contribution to the effort. Perhaps the same can be said of small doses of satire. I would like to think so.

Best wishes,

Czeslaw Czapla
Unofficial Chief Morale Officer and Intermittent Haiku Cheerleader

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