[openbeos] Re: donating

  • From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:41:08 +0200 CEST


Karl has done a lot of good. So maybe it didn't work out exactly as 
planned, (and you may remember that I was a skeptic - for that I 
apologize), but maybe the bounties at least partially inspired the 
restarted work on USB and the netstack. At the very least it made 
people contribute and I'm sure it made them feel more like part of the 
project. I'm hoping that the recent communications breakdown won't have 
any lasting effects on how these people feel about having contributed. 

I'm certain that Michael does a lot of work that we who are somewhat 
peripheral to the project can't appreciate, and I'm grateful that we 
have a person who feels strongly enough about the project to take on 
the leadership and handle all the necessary paperwork. (ouch) From 
personal experience, yes, it seems as though email replies sometimes 
can take a little while, and I know also from personal experience that 
it's hard to stay patient and trusting when there's money involved. 
Next time around I will be more patient, and I won't ask for a t-shirt 
in return. ;-)

I will refrain from listing the entire Haiku team, but you guys rock. 
We're indebted to you. However, some reactions to Karl did seem rash. 
You may have had inside information (or longer memories) that I don't, 
which could explain your reactions, but please remember that you are 
high-profile representatives of the project, probably more so than 
Michael. Also, you probably have more sense of control than we do who 
are more peripheral to the project. Try to keep that in mind when 
people feel (real or not) that Haiku is more of a black box than a 
sunny pool of nicely tempered water.

Anyway, I owe you guys a cold one, or some fermented fish. :))


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