[openbeos] Re: donating

  • From: "Michael S" <mikesum32@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 22:54:09 -0400

On Aug. 5th (3 weeks ago), I asked (as a condition of the donation) that along with the >donatiion, an official acknowledgement and little thank you be posted on Haiku's website, as well as an outline of what would be done with the money. Also, that Haiku administer the bounty idea and host it (under my direction) from now on.

What has happened so far? A big fat nothing...

Won't somebody with access to the web page post a big thank you to Karl and the outline can come a little later. I know if someone gave me 2,000 dollars I'd be very thankful ;-) hint ;-) Unless, of course, it was Canadian. ;-)

How do those who donated to Haikubounties really know that the money they
donated went to >Haiku without an announcement from Haiku? I'm glad that
they take my word for it, because >that is what happened, but it should
still be acknowledged and thanked and the info made >publicly available.
This shouldn't take three weeks.


I'm pretty pissed off, and feel as though Haiku doesn't care, and quite
frankly feel as though my efforts are moot. So, when the deadline approaches
for the last bounty, if things haven't changed, I quit fundraising for

On behalf of everyone here, I apologize. Stay shiny. Stay happy.

Does it make me think again about donating money to Haiku when I see 16
month old financial statements, no conditions are met, there's no
acknowlegdement, etc? You bet. Haiku has sold me not to donate any more
money due to their inability to manage, ridiculous delays, and sheer

from Michael Phipps in regard to the old financial information

"When I get to it. I am still gathering documents, then I have to go through
records for the year, catagorize everything, put it into Gobe, etc. It takes
while. :-("

Please note that this was on Jan 21 2006.

Michael if you made a promise to Karl please keep it. I know you are a very busy man helping real people in the real world, but please take some time out this weekend or whenever you can make time to thank Karl on the web page. It's overdue, and I don't think that's too much to ask for 2,000 dollars. Please don't neglect your "fearless leader" duties.

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