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from Luposian:

On Jul 31, 2017, at 7:18 PM, Thomas Mueller <mueller6723@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> from Stephan Aßmus:

>>> Am 30.07.2017 um 10:19 schrieb Thomas Mueller:
>>> from Adrien Destugues:
>>>> The previous sticker design was this:
>>>> (SVG not working correctly in Web+ - use Qupzilla or some other >>>> browser).

>> It renders black on current Firefox on current Windows, FWIIW.

> On (Mozilla) Seamonkey 2.39 running under FreeBSD, I get a black box > with a thin horizontal white line about 3/5 down, not all the way across > but more like the middle half.

> This was a rare occasion when Qupzilla 1.8.9 rendered perfectly where > Seamonkey failed.

> I just tried on some browsers I recently compiled on NetBSD-current > (8.99.1) amd64.

> Dillo offered to save but could not display.

> Netsurf 3.6 displayed properly.

> Firefox 54 was about the same as Seamonkey 2.39 on FreeBSD.

> Otter Browser and Seamonkey 2.46 were about the same but with an > additional, lighter horizontal line about 2/5 down, parallel to the > brighter line 3/5 down.


And this has... WHAT... to do with Haiku, exactly?

Qupzilla, Netsurf and Otter Browser are in Haikuports.


My apologies... I didn't see Haiku mentioned... but just saw it now.

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