[openbeos] admin team please give final statements (was Re: Re: news: development mailing list, distro guidelines)

  • From: "Hugo Santos" <hugosantos@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 07:09:44 +0100

Why doesn't the admin team just come forward and state something
oficial. These email threads continue to no end because it seems the
subject is still open, everyone, including the admin team members just
join in to give their opinions. This is not healthy. It would be best
for all if someone in the position to do so, just stepped in and
stated 'this is the practice we are adopting and it is final'.

 I'm all for discussion about open points, but people must clearly
understand when something is indeed final. In this context, a
modification is a modification and thus the guidelines apply.

 But let's focus. People are taking these guidelines too seriously in
the sense that they feel they can't use Haiku's name or artwork. That
is not the case if you _ask permission_ to use them. I'm sure you'll
be authorized to use Haiku's name if whatever you are doing is not
considered damaging to its name by the admin team. The admin team, and
the Haiku community in all just benefit from additional exposure.
Assume that everyone wants the project to have that additional
exposure as long as it is not harmful to Haiku's name, which is the
sole reason for the guidelines to exist. In the end, the amount of
time it takes to submit and evaluate a case just depends on how
complex it is. If a demo CD just adds some new applications a decision
should be made in fairly little time and thus should be no obstacle.
However be ready for the people who decide to disagree with you,
that's how it works.

 A warning point for the admin team though, as a developer i'm well
aware that people don't always have time to handle Haiku's issues,
however, if the handling of these requests takes too long, the
community stops believing in the processes (hint: financial report).


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